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Happy Friday #9 : Craft Room

11:20:00 PM

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you had a fantastic short week. I've been a bit MIA as I've been attempting... or should I say my poor hubby has been... setting up my craft room for me. It was originally our den that we shared, but he graciously decided he would take a small desk in our room and give this room all to me. Yes... yes I'm feeling quite loved right about now ^_*.

So any who, I've been pouring over Pinterest, magazines, online galleries, and of course the ubiquitous Google search engine for ideas and well... its tough! Really tough to find unique items. I know things of this nature takes time... but its hard when you want everything set up yesterday haha.

I compromised... originally I really did not want to do Ikea items, but it just made sense to get one wall done with the basics, and work from there. Here is my hubby's handy work this weekend. We decided on the Besta entertainment center for the floating cabinets and Malm drawers which I am planning to dress up.

So now I'm in business... despite spending two days in a row moving my computer desk, shelving and other paraphernalia in various places, back and forth. I'm excited for this weekend, as we will be hitting the local Flea Market that comes once a month. Hopefully I'll find some interesting things there. Wish me luck!

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