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Hobonichi Techo Un-boxing and Comparisons

4:40:00 PM

Hey everyone! Don't mind the double posts in one day, but it finally came in! My Hobonichi Techo! Ok, so for those of your who aren't on Facebook, I have been obsessing over the Hobo for a few weeks now. I was introduced to the craze by a few ladies and haven't looked back since ^_^.

  • Oh so what is a Hobo you ask? It is a planner that has a cult following in Japan. Here is a little video the company put out.
  • What's so hot about it? It has flat binding (book lies flat when open). High quality super thin paper and despite the page a day concept, the book is very lean.
  • How do you use it? Apparently in many different ways, but many people like to use it for journaling purposes too it seems.
  • How do I like using it? Not sure yet. I just got it, but I will be sure to share my experiences with you.
  • Where can I get more information? Lindsey Nelson's website.
  • Where can I buy one? English one. To buy the Japanese A5 version, one go to the Japanese store and put in cart first, then go to english store and look in your cart. You can finalize your purchase there. (Did the research and still have not found anywhere else that sells them.)
  • Where will I find you with more information on the Hobo? Here of course, instagram (jslkim), and Hobonichi Eye Candy (facebook group)
  • Why did you get 2? One is for me and the other for my daughter.
  • So why the DIY version? To make for my son, who may or may not work in it. Also, for comparison sake.

Here is a little video about it, albeit quite rough. I have yet to get the ideal set-up for filming and unfortunately my editing software is quite old it seems. Ha... upgrade will be in the works. In the mean time, forgive the hot mess and hope the information will be useful enough to over look all the bof-ups hehe...

Also, here are some visual size comparisons I talk about in the video:

Hobonichi Techo (original size English Version), Hobonichi Techo Cousin (A5), Miquel Ruis Journal, and Moleskine.

Thanks and happy journaling!

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  1. Haha, I too am stalking the postman for my Hobonichi. I don't even think it's left Japan yet :P

    1. Its ridiculous haha... a lot of our delivery guys don't even knock and leave things on the corner of our door step, so periodically I would check. I thought I was a bit crazy ^_*. Tell me what you think when you get your Hobo!

    2. Some of ours are the same, so that will be me this coming week! :))