808 State

12:17:00 AM

Music of the Day:
Pacific State : 808 State

Does anyone remember the old group 808 State? Hmm... just had myself a little giggle, but let me explain. The last couple of weeks for some bizarre reason, when asked the time, I look at the clock and it said 8:08. This happened 3 times in the past two weeks. Which prompted me to remember the music group in passing (which is why I remembered looking at those specific numbers).

Then today I glanced up at the member number in the Midori Group I began a few months back. And... you guessed it, it hit 808 members. Don't believe me? Here is a screep cap from it:

This in turn peaked my curiosity to google it of course and apparently it is the police code for disturbing the peace, amongst other things according to the urban slang dictionary haha.

On a more spiritual level... there is apparently something behind this numerology. I never heard of this before, but apparently 808 refers to angle numbers. Many of the things some of the numerologist mention, resonates with the life changes that have been happening in the past few months for me. Hmm... I find this all very interesting. Any who wether it be a public disturbance, a spiritual occurrence, or just plain coincidence... thought I'd share ^_*.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mama's day! I know I did.  Started off with a lovely homemade breakfast from kiddies and the hubby. A day at the Japanese gardens and some time at the local book store. Low key, relaxing, and fun. Have a great start to your week!

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