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A cool breeze is blowing through the window, the paper crinkles as my fingers run over the chalky texture of paint on the craft paper, and moody lounge music echo in my room. These are the little things that make me happy and these are motivated me to create.

There are those who have the natural desire to draw... write... every day. My daughter is a perfect example. Since she was 3.5 she drew for hours everyday. If she did not, tears would ensue that night on the missed opportunity. Nothing has changed and she is now 9.

Many well known people in both arts and the written word claim this desire. That it is a must, a burning desire for them to do their craft everyday. And let's face it, as the old saying goes it is practice that makes perfect or at the very least something that is presentable.

For me? Although I believe very much it is the action that will improve your outcome, I am definitely not one who has that innate desire to create at all times. Maybe I did when I was younger, as my mother loves to recount the many times I snaked their bills to draw on when little, but now... it is certainly not the case.

The right moment, music, temperature, that certain something that pulls me forward to create is usually what it takes...most times. I will have to say though, since joining in the wonderful art, stationary, and now planner communities, I have expanded my reasons and motivations to practice, learn, and improve.

Just wanted to tell everyone thank you. Thank you to those who lead these communities, thank you to the wonderful people I have been meeting in them, and most of all, I thank all of you for the kinds words and for being a special reason that motivates me to create.

So without further ado...the images above are some art play in my Midori Traveler's Notebook from the craft insert. Since a couple of them are asian brush art inspired, I signed in my Korean name ^_^. Happy creating every body!

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