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Enjoying The Mini

12:54:00 AM

Mini things in life are giving me a lot of joy lately. We bought these fantastic mini Cruset Crock pots because... well they are ridiculously cute. We also thought the kids would get a kick out of having their own individual pots.

Our first mini meals were chicken pot pie. I know a few of my friends asked for the recipe, but alas I go it Korean style when I cook. So what does that mean?  Well generally it means I know what ingredients are in something, but then I wing it haha. Many times it is because we don't have all the ingredients, but sometimes I just get ideas on what might taste better and so it goes.

Which is probably why I never have the patience to really bake cause there you probably shouldn't. (Although when I occasionally bake, I still wing it haha.) It was a hit with the crowd so will definitely do some other day. Next on the agenda... maybe a mini quiche? Who knows...

The other thing in my life I discovered this week, during a wave of 90+ degree weather I might add, is this little liquid gold in a bottle. I don't really enjoy juices usually because they are too sweet, but this... this is fantastic! Its sparkling, very crisp, and lightly sweet. That is probably the best way I can describe it and it actually quenches the thirst. You know the kind sometimes only a good ole cold beer can quench? Haha... I would definitely recommend trying this if you haven't.

And finally my other mini pleasure? Journaling at night with my mini girl of course ^_^. Little guy is being a bit of a tween as of late and will only journal on a random bases. Mostly, I think when he is disgruntled with me behind closed doors haha, but that is ok. I think I will make it a point to make more time for it specially during the upcoming summer break. Ohh... yes that is coming up real fast. Yikes!

Music of the Day:
Drop : Cornelius

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