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Happy Friday #33 : Alternatives for Hobonichi Techo or Fauxbonichi

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Since shipping is fairly pricey,  many wonder if the Hobonichi is a viable option and/or you're not sure if you would even like it. Or perhaps you can't find the cover you want, it's sold out, or you want your experience to be more personalized... I thought I would share some alternatives for either dressing up your current Hobo insert, creating a version of a fauxbonichi, or creating some sort of frankensteining concoction that will inspire you to create.

Although I can not say enough about the Tomoe River paper, it is really about developing a habit of drawing and/or writing everyday that had me at the get go. Something about having those dates and of course the added motivation of sharing in groups with like minded souls, really helped me kick it to the next level this year.

Now onto the dimensions of the Hobos that will help you make a decision on Frankensteining your own personal Hobo. 

Original Insert A6:  4.1' x 5.8'    Cover : 4.52' x 6.53'   

Cousin Insert A5:    5.8' x 8.3'    Cover : 6.29 x 8.97' 

Insert Options:

Nanami's Seven Seas A5 sized journal insert is made of tomoe river paper, however they only have a lined version at this time.

A second paper choice to the Tomoe River paper is the paper made by Midori. They make wonderful A5 and A6 options you can use in a plain or grided paper in a cream tone. They also have their own diary/calendar version. You can find both sizes at my favorite journal place Maido as well as Nanamipaper.

Miquel Ruis flexible journals are a decent option as well.  Also made in both the A5 and A6 sizes. The paper is grided, it does take water based supplies as well, but not too wet, it is an easier option to access as you can find it at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Here is also a post I made with tips on creating your own fauxbonichi.

Muji notebooks are in both sizes as well. It is made out of recycled paper and it is very smooth cream paper with a thin kraft paper cover. The paper does not take water color very well and will crinkle initially, but will dry fairly flat. Although, you may not want to use the back side as it may be slightly crinkled in back.

Cover Options for Cousin :

Barnes and Noble leather cover journals. I covered this in a previous post you can find here. Colors do vary though.

Seven Seas Gfeller Kip Cover. Review can be found here.

Cloth covers can be found in the Journal Shop.
Oberon refillable notebooks. I do not currently own one, but many have talked about how they love the interesting designs on the covers. There are many places that sell these online, but Jenni Bick Bookbinding seems to have a nice selection.

The Filofax Flex A5 Notebook. For the Filofax fans, many have found this particular cover at discount stores and use this as an option.

Cover Options for Original A6 : 

A faux leather option from Iconic found here and here. This one looks very affordable and fun to look at. 

A slightly more rugged option with leather & canvas. This can be found on the Rakuten website and also in the A5 Cousin size.

A purely canvas option, the A6 Kokyo Notebook Cover.

Beautiful fabric book covers from Ultrahard. This is larger than the original insert, but it is a bit smaller height wise than the original cover so this may be a toss up. (4.53 X 6.10) 

In general any A6 for the original or A5 for the cousin will do, but here are just some that I came across that may fit your Hobo needs. You can always customize your pages or go for a diary/planner that will have you journaling everyday.

Music of the Day:
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  1. Thank you for sharing your findings. I appreciate all of your clear pictures:)