Seven Seas Writer : Closer Look

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Here it is! A closer look at the Seven Seas Writer I mentioned in my Happy Friday # 12 post. From Nanamipaper, this is the journal that has the Tomoe River Paper. I ordered it late Saturday night, it shipped out on Monday, and I received it on Wednesday. Dave from Nanamipaper, such a nice guy. I threw him an email bombarding him with questions, which he readily and quickly replied. He then sent my package out the next business day to boot! Fantastic experience!

I know there are some fantastic "unboxing" videos out there, so I won't bore you with another, but here are some of my pics. The items are well packaged with plenty of buffer paper, boxes, and wrappings. I can tell a lot of care goes into even this simple task.

The items I received are : the notebook cover, insert, Seven Seas Writer, Seven Seas Gfeller Cover -Kip, Stainless Paper clips in Super and Mini sizes, a few blotting paper sheets, and a writing mat.

You're probably wondering why I got an extra cover when I have the leather. What can I say, but I wanted one for "just in case". And who knows... now that I seem to be into the A5 size, it may come in handy in the future ^_*.

The Gfeller Kip Cover:

This is how it looks with the Kip Cover.

This is with the basic cover and insert. Its not leather, but still looks sweet. If you are wondering, the insert paper reminds me of the thicker solid scrapbook paper. You can definitely custom your cover any which way you like, if you just want to get the plastic cover bit.

All-in-all I am a very happy camper with this purchase. From the initiation of my interactions with the seller, to the unwrapping of the items, to the product themselves, absolutely dare I say it again? Fantastic!

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