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Happy Friday #10 : Here's to a Great Second Half!

5:27:00 PM

Happy Friday everyone! It's June already! Can you believe half of 2014 has gone by? Time flies soo quickly. I am truly feeling it as I had just attended my son's elementary school graduation yesterday. My kiddo is almost as tall as I am now and gone are the baby cheeks.

The summer has officially begun and good timing too I'd say. My husband has been working hard on my art/craft room for the past few weeks as you can remember. He was doing some research, as he knew I wasn't too fond of going too "Ikea" and found these fantastic panels. We decided to do a mixed panel front to bring in the look of wood into the main furniture, but keeping it a bit more modern.

This is how the room looks thus far. The standing height table in the middle is actually a kitchen island. It is working very well in our space and I'm enjoying mixing up my daily activities while standing up. In fact I would say the change of my environment has upped the motivation and inspiration factor.

Since the transformation, I have been more apt. to grab one of my journals and draw. Just the other day, my daughter and I did a little back to basics shading from online tutorials. It was fun doing a little bb girl and mommy time and learn a new skill. She also, looks so forward to doing a little Hobonichi time with me at night as well which is super cute. What a perfect start to the summer!

Hope your second half of 2014 is off to a great start as well! Happy Creating!

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