June ArtSnacks

10:53:00 PM

Just a little post with my June Art Snack. I tested all the products and I'm loving the Wolff's Carbon Pencil. Sketched with it all day, but... it does get messy. I'll probably have to do some spray fixative eventually, but the effects are nice.

I love paint pens, but have not tried the Molotow nor the Krink as of yet, so this was a great package. The Molotow... I noticed nothing special, but maybe it was because it was a dark purple. I still love my Poscas, but in terms of the Krink, I received a gold color and it is amazing, albeit stinky. It was originally created for graffiti artists so definitely has the scent of a spray can.

I played around with the products in both my recycled journal and my Hobo. The recycled journal already had some gesso and paint on the page. The markers went on it quite smoothly despite the texture. The Hobo... nothing bleed through to the other side. Very impressive...

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