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Happy Friday #11 : Hobonichi and a bit o' Midori

12:00:00 AM

Hi everyone! And so here it is a few pics of whats been going on in my Hobo. I guess you can say I'm still trying to find the right combo on how this will be used, but so far on the days not much is going on, I just play. Testing out different combos of mediums and such.

 Most times I prep my pages with a bit of watercolor.

And when I forget to prep and I want to jump straight into journaling, I'll go back later and add a light wash of crayon .

 On this spread I decided to try out some new gouache.

So far I am really enjoying doing little sketches with my quick journaling. I love it.

Now for a long awaited Midori love. Ok... sorry this is pretty limited, but I've been using my Midori mostly for writing lately. That being said I just had to try my gouache in here as well. Its sooo amazingly vibrant. I have the opera and cadmium green pale here from Holbein. A group member mention something about Fun2draw tutorials for quick fun. I decided to check one out, but turned the character into a worm.

So far I will have to say, other than a little longer wait for things to dry on the Hobo, I'm really enjoying it. I do miss my Midori planner to some extent as you tend to see all the things you need to do for the week. I mean I know the Hobo has the weekly appointment pages towards the front, but I find this placement a little cumbersome. For me I would have preferred the monthly calendar, in front of that specific month's daily pages,  and the weekly appointment page in front of that particular week's daily pages. But that might just be me.

Music of the Day:
Falling : Yuna

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  1. Nice artwork! I'm journaling and doodling in my hobo. So much fun! I agree with you on the layout of the hobo. As for my Midori, I'm obsessed. Love the leather as it gets worn in and funky with scratches. Bullet journaling has changed my life.

    1. Thanks @Lorin, I was just looking into the bullet journaling. It sounds like such a great idea.

  2. Hi Julia! Love your posts. What kind of paints are those to the right of your worm?

    1. Hi @Smarty Mags, they are you regular cheapy water paints you can get at craft stores. This one is from Michaels Artist Loft Brand. I am actually quite happy with the color and opacity of these paints. Great for journaling on the quick.