Hobonichi Techo

Ubiquitous Leather Cover

12:00:00 AM

Many people wanted to know if the nice tan leather covered journal from Barnes and Noble would fit various journals.  Sooo here is a quick run through. 

The cover:

The cover with the Miquel Ruis notebook for the fauxbonichi. This fits fairly well with a little bit of room to breath.

 The cover with the Seven Seas Journal. There is a bit more room because the original notebook is at least a half an inch thicker, but if you don't mind the extra room... its not bad.

 The cover with the Hobonichi Cousin. Again it has wiggle room, but still usable.

To sum things up, the notebook is very close to an A5. The actual dimensions of it is 6 X 8. So A5's and anything close will fit, but will have some room since the original notebook is very thick. Out of the three, I would say the Ruis Miquel fits the best as it is also a very thick journal. Hope this helps!

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