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Hi all! So I worked on my son's DIY version made popular by Miss Vicki, last night and although it took some time, once you get down how you want a page to look it will flow much smoother. Here are some tips I came up with to streamline the process if you have the medium Miquel Ruis Journal.

The original Hobo is front loaded with all the month overview sheets, then the hourly schedule in columns, and then you get the daily pages. For me I would rather have that month's pages all together in each section. I'm not sure, but I'm guessing for a student this would make more sense as well, so I decided to do the month overview first and then that month's daily sheets.

* Please note for the most part when I say squares I mean the grid squares.

Month Calendar:
  • Measurements per page : 36 across (horizontal) by 52 squares down (vertical). * this is including the half squares
  • Each day measures out to 9 x 9 squares
  • On both calendars; May and June, I gave a top margin of 6 squares (to give visual space for a 4 week month), but as you can see in June, you may need the space for a 5th week. So my suggestion is to only have 1 square margin on top or make your day squares 9 x 8 squares.
  • I decided on a Monday starting week flow this is optional
  • The first column is a note column
  • Top day labels (mon, tue...) are 9 X 2 squares

Tools Used:

  • Ruler
  • 0.5 HI-TEC black pen : For dates and outlines
  • Gray Le Pen : Grid Lines (Graphically you do not want the lines to compete with your important content. A lighter color is recommended and as an aside, it is the color that is used in the Hobo.)
  • Teal Le Pen : For Mon.- Sat.  Red Le Pen : For Sun.
  • Brush marker or Water Color : for the month color blocks, water color just laid down smoother but this is personal choice.
  • White Possca Acrylic Pen : To write month number
Daily Pages:
  • Box #1: Day = 7 x 7
  • Box #2: Written Day, Month, Week = 8 x 7
  • Box #3: Moon Phase = 4 x 7
  • Box #4: Open for weather or anything else you would like to track
* Tips: 
  • Although my height (vertical space) is 7, you could probably do 6 and still have enough visual space.
  • Red used to show Sunday and a small 1 x 3 squares bar to show where the end of the weeks fall.

Tip to streamline things in the future. Instead of spending countless minutes counting your squares, do yourself a favor and make a guide. Here is how I made mine. Originally this board was going to be used as my index guide to my Common Place Book (more about that on another day). So it is longer than it needs to be, but I was exhausted by the time I was chugging through ^_*.

Cut down a piece of stiff paper like Bristol board.

  • To work with this Journal you could make it about 3 x 6 inches if you like, but it isn't important.
  • Cut another .5 x 6 inch bristol piece.
  • Tape together with tape or washi, this makes a flap that you can hang over your page to hold your guide in place.
  • Take guide, hang the washi flap over to the other side of the paper and mark lines on your guide, as indicated in the Daily Pages suggestion.

When you lay the guide down you will always have the right amount of squares in between each box. This flap works for the left page.

For the right you can either flip the guide over and make new marks and hook the washi lip over the other end of the paper or just be careful and get it as close as you can to the spine and align your guide.

This same guide can be used to create your monthly color tabs. These are the tabs that will help you find what month you are looking for when you look at the side of your book.

Side Month Tab:

  • 3 x 3 squares
  • Brush marker or water color
  • White Posca Marker

* A few people asked about how the Hobo A5 Cousin cover would fit on the Miuel Ruis Journal. Here are some pics. It does fit... but...

As you can see here, the back cover buckles about an inch or so. This is probably because of the pen loop that is sewn in. As you can see here you lose about a half inch or so. My suggestion... if you can bare it is, if you want the Hobo cover or have one handy, you can cut off about .75 - 1 inch, in width off the back cover of the DIY Journal. You can play around with it, but it should work. The booklet itself fits fine.

I know this a lot to digest. I will do a little mini companion Vlog to this on a later date just to explain the guide portion, but in the mean time. Hope this helps ^_^.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I have just gotten on the MTN wagon, and badly want a Hobonichi, but can't justify that much new journal action in May since I'm not sure I'll stick with the daily planner plan. But I already have the MR notebook and will give that a shot. Love your videos! (I live in Buffalo now, but from SF. Best city Ever.)

    1. Thanks for the kind words! Yes it does get a bit overwhelming when one gets the journal bug, but from what I've experienced, its the paper that really does it for me. I like the paper in both the Hobo and the reg. Midori. So far I would say the Midori paper is a tad thicker. I'm so amazed thought at how they get the paper so thin though.