Happy Friday #5 : Things I Use to Organize Vlog

12:00:00 AM

Happy Friday everyone! Oh gosh... lot of things are going on as it is the last month before things wrap up. My not so little man, graduates grade school and moves on to the land of tween angst soon so lots of festivities before then haha.

Any who I thought I would do a post on some of the things I use to organize as this seems to be a common topic of conversation amongst my notebook/paper loving clans. Hope you likey ^_^.

Recap on places to look :
• cosmetic area (shower bags, cosmetic cases)
• media area (cd cases, video game cases)
• kitchen supplies (kitchen carts, containers, etc.)

In general any large retail places with those categories are a great place to look, but of course you can go straight to stores that specialize in organization like Container Store, Bed, Bath Beyond, and of course any hobby store.

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