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Fatty Midori Planner

12:00:00 AM

My fatty Midori Planner has become much to chubby, so it's own band is what it needed. Here is how I did it...

Step 1 : A whole punching tool. I am using Karen Foster Design's Clikit (some things you can do with this tool). Elastic bands, you can find them in jewelry making section of craft stores or even children's beading section.

Step 2 : Punch eyelet sized hole in the back.

Step 3 : I eye balled the length of the elastic, but you can measure to get an exact size. You can go straight into the hole or add an eyelet to clean up the appearance.

Step 4 : Knot the back of the elastic.

Voila your fatty planner now has it's own band ^_*. It can go around on it's own or still fit in your Midori Cover. Inside : 3 notebooks, card holder accessory, zipper accessory, and fatty planner.

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  1. Did you make your planner? The cover is so cute!

  2. @Porcelain Lotus, It is a 2014 Midori Diary. I just designed the cover ^_^.