Sunday, August 30, 2015

Review : Midori Traveler's Notebook 011 Standard Storage Binder

The Midori Traveler's Notebook 011 Standard Storage Binder... finally decided to get them as my booklets began to pile up. Originally I didn't think much about getting them as I had them stored on my shelf and a box, but after pursuing some of the lovely pics of these binders I thought... why not? So I thought I would get one to see how it is before getting some more.

So this is what it looks like on the inside. Very simple yet ingenious. It contains 5 metal rods inside the spine.

The rods fit into slots both on the top and the bottom of the binder.

The rods are flexible so you can bend them in the middle. 

To release the rod from the spine, you bow (bend) the rod and pull it out of either the bottom or the top of the rod from the slot.

I find it is easier to just pull all the rods out before you add your booklets in.

Next you open up a booklet, find the middle, and put a rod down.

You start by putting one end inside the top slot.

Then bend the rod to put the bottom edge inside the other slot.

Since I put so much inside my booklets (smash book style), I was only able to put in 3 booklets in. 4 booklets were possible if I put a band around the whole cover I suppose. I'm guessing if you are using your inserts for writing purposes this won't be as much of an issue and could probably fit 5.

Was it worth getting as they retail for about $14 - $18 US as of Aug. 2015? I know its a little excessive, but I quite like the clean look of it. I also like the idea of it being out in plain view with a nice clean protective housing, instead of the inside of some dank box... but thats just me :)

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Inspiration : Riusuke Fukahori

Came across this amazing artist and thought I would share. He does this amazing technique where he paints with acrylic paint and alternates with resin to create a dimensional vision of the goldfish. 

This is definitely taking art to a new form of hyper realism. You can find him at . Enjoy!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Happy Friday #54 : Hobonichi Techo Time

Hi everyone! Happy Happy Friday! As many of you know Hobonichi Techo 2016 edition will be released this coming Tuesday September 2nd. Yay!!!

For those of you unfamiliar with the Hobonichi Techo, it is a daily planner that was made popular in Japan with an excellent paper called,  Tomoe River paper. I have more posts and information regarding the subject matter if you type in Hobonichi in the search box on my blog.

So... in light of the Hobonichi Love many of us are feeling about now, I thought I would finally do my the flip from my very first Hobo. It was purchase April of 2014, so I got the spring edition of the A5 Hobo. By the time I received it, it was May so... that is when I began.

As you can see, I tried various styles, but ultimately had a lot of fun with it. Now for my thoughts regarding the A5 vs. the A6 now that I've been in both for a sufficient amount of time.

A5 Pros
• Month, Weeks, and Daily Pages
• More space to do journaling, illustrating, smash booking

A5 Cons
• Space maybe daunting
• Not as portable
• Regular Cousin insert becomes too thick (Avec yr. spit in 2, maybe better)

A6 Pros
• Month and Daily Pages
• Portability

A6 Cons
• Less space to do journaling, illustrating, smash booking

Daily Pages

Something I think most of us were not used to in the planning community here in the U.S. is this idea of a whole page for the day. It takes a while to get used to for sure. In turn this means the dates can be both a blessing and as well as a form of frustration for many. This includes myself for sure.

The daily pages make you feel obligated. That is the best way I can describe it. This obligation can work for you as it did me. I was not one to practice the art of drawing everyday at this time, so on this front, due to the Hobo I've come a long way. (This plus online classes such as Sketchbook Skool :)

That being said, the dates can also make you feel... guilty. Because if you have a week of empty pages staring up at you, there is a smidgen of guilt you feel. You may feel as though you must "catch up" and start scrambling to do something about it. Meanwhile, you get tired and then end up not doing the current day's page, thus incurring another empty page.

I definitely had to get over that hurdle as well. Now I either let those pages be and keep up with the current day, or... I practice drawing, throw down a quote, or take notes on something of interest.

As a Planner

One thing in common for both years was that I wasn't actually using the planners to plan haha. I know silly, but I always knew I wanted to use it for daily illustrating practices or recaps of my day, so that wasn't a big thing to me.  You can look here  for other use cases for the Hobo (my daughter Amelie is one of them ^_^). Moving forward however, in 2016 I would love to  actually use it as it was attended, as a planner! Or at least try it for a bit to see how I like it.

Currently in my A6, since I am using the pages to illustrate, the monthly calendar alone probably wouldn't work for me, but... I'm thinking with the A5, the weeks pages, although vertical in layout, could work out for me.

So as a re-cap, yes I am going to get myself at least one of the Hobo in A5 Avec this year to both use as an actual planner and daily journal of my day. In terms of what cover... that I will reveal once it arrives ^_*.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Classiky Tool Box : Review

A little slice of happiness in the form of a little wooden tool box from Classiky.  I purchased this on a pre-order from the Tabiyo Shop. An online store located in Malaysia. It is a relatively small shop, as they seem to have small runs of stationary products, but they are very friendly and I've had great experiences with them thus far. This is my second pre-ordered item with them, (first being my lovely Blue Midori Traveler's Notebook), and while as pre-order suggests, you have to wait, they re-assure you with status updates.

Any who, this vintage styled box is beautifully made from nyatoh wood. It is a great little desktop organizer with fine details such as the rounded corners...

And beveled detail on the top of the box.

The hardware for the handle and closure does feel a bit flimsy. My guess is if you attempted to utilize the box as a workhorse for carrying your items from location to location... it would not fair well. It is definitely more of a desktop organizer with light portability use case. Although I suppose if the handle and clasp began to look broken down, it would only add to the vintage character of the box.

When the lid opens the site's description of 'full-blind dovetail joints on the sides',  allow the lid to stay vertically open. The added clip on the inside of the box makes it a fun place to add little tidbits of fun eye candy, inspirational quotes, or pressing lists of items that must be accomplished for the day.

As of today August 25th, 2015, Tabiyo carries three different Classiky designs.  Two of which remind me of an old makeup case, so longer in height, shorter in width. There is a small and medium of the make-up case style, and then there is the traditional tool box design, which is the one I choose. The Medium one in the other design looks like it could possibly hold little craft bottles of paint, but don't quote me on that :) 

The Dimensions of my box are :

75 mm / 2.9 in Height
302 mm / 11.9 in Width
160 mm / 6.3 in Depth

My box is housing the current washi tapes of choice, date stamp, to-do list packet, inspirational quote by the lovely Cynthia Morris, and general pen and stationery bits of the week. All-in-all, although the Classiky Tool Box is not utilitarian, in true sense of a portable toolbox, it is a simple yet beautiful way to organize and display some of your current items. What's not to love when you have a little functional eye candy on your desk?

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Flexi-Sketch Book Flip

Here is a little flip through of the little square 6 x 6 Flexi-Sketch Book I chatted about last time. The paper is your typical sketch paper, very low key. That is probably why I just played in it with no worries ^_^.

Thanks for watching!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Happy Mommy Vlog

Hey hey I'm back and ready to do a little break dancing. Muh haha... yes actually I did back in the day ^_*. The kids went back to school today. I mean yes I love my babies, but sometimes mama needs a little mama time.

So with that I thought I'd post a little silly happy stationery rambling today. Thanks for stopping by!

The stationery mentioned in my post:

Midori Traveler's Notebook in Brown and Special edition Pan Am
Gillio Firenze
Flexi Sketch 6 X6
Hobonichi Techo
Mon Carnet De Poche

Friday, August 14, 2015

Happy Friday #53 : Staycation off the Beaten Path Day One

This summer was a busy one for us and traveling outside of the state was not an option sooo.... since we have a habit of moving to places where most people come to for vacation we opted for a lovely Staycation. However, this time we decided to do some things that were a bit off the beaten path.

First on our list was to go to, The Yard SF . It is a little area that is right across from the Giant's stadium close to the DogPatch neighborhood. It's an interesting little corner of repurposed storage containers that are used for shopping, eating, and small entertainment venues.

As luck would have it, it was the weekend The Sketchbook Project was in town at The Yard. Here is a little video if you haven't heard about the project. 

Not only do I adore sketchbooks and journals, but I thought it would be a lovely for the kids to have hands on experience with looking through the books of other artists. Looking online is one thing, but to actually have the tactile moment with someone's creativity is highly recommended.


I could see the affects of this particular trip especially from my son. As I mentioned before, my daughter is an avid sketcher. In fact much more so than myself and has close to a 100 finished sketchbooks to date. My son however... although he adored drawing, around age 7 something happened. He became self conscious and did not want anything to do with a sketchbook or journal.

He is almost a teen now, but I gave him his own special Midori Traveler's Notebook  towards the end of last year in hopes of re-kindling his love for the creative practice of writing or drawing. However, it sat on his desk barely touched... until this week. He began to crack it open to brainstorm over names for his Youtube channel. 

His newly found creative outlet this summer that is cinematography. Although he did utilize one other notebook I got for him which was the Fauxbonichi I made for him last year, he only used it to take notes on the tutorials he was taking online.  This was a happy surprise for me to see him in deep thought with the MT.

After about an hour we decided to explore the area for a bit and came upon a delicious restaurant called Umami Burger. It was located about half a block from the Giant's stadium.

We each tried the K-BBQ burger that had Kimchi and go chu jang (hot pepper paste) glaze on it. 

The fries were amazing. If you like sweet, YUM the maple bacon sweet potatoes fries were AMAZING and the savory Truffle fries were delish.

After our delicious meal we went back to the Sketchbook Project for round 2 and then off to the San Francisco Center for the Book. This was about a 6 min. drive from TheYardSF in an area that is focused on interior decorating. It is an area of what look like old factory buildings repurposed into posh furniture and fixture stores.

The center itself is a fairly small venue. There is a display in front of some books and print work and the receptionist does not really let on that you can go inside for a look. In fact she did not even seem to notice when we walked in, but after engaging her attention for a little chat we headed inside for a mini tour.

There was a class being held in the space for old school printing with type blocks and press which was really nice to see.

Once inside to the left of the classroom,  the walls were aligned with cases. One section focused on the art of the envelope which covered the blue print, die cuts, and the break down.

Prints of stamps were on display of course since it goes hand in hand with mail arts.

There were also little areas to explore. Not exactly sure if we were allowed to wander, but there was an interesting backroom with machines, presses, both antique and modern, that is used in printing. Also trays of metal types and images we studied up close. The kids got a kick out of that.

After the Book Center, we were going to go get snack when we passed this interested Anitque store just around the corner from the center. Looking at the items in here alone was fun. 

They had many ornate bird cages from small to museum sized ones. What was interesting was that there were actual birds in many of them.

The items in the store were very large. Definitely catering to those who have a large enough loft space from the area.

Finally, after a long day we decided to wrap up our San Francisco excursion with a little snack in the Dog Patch area at a coffee house called, 'Front'. It looks as if it was a garage of some sorts back in the day. With simple wooden table and bench seating up front, it is a no frill artisan coffee place. The kids had some hot chocolate made from some type of ganache, the hubby his beloved espresso shot, and I a little cold brew coffee with one massive ice block which was fun to look at. Oh and a few expresso cookies made it into my mouth too haha.