Saturday, April 12, 2014

Finished Page from Dabber Rant Vlog

Hope you are having a lovely weekend! I thought I would share the finished product from the dabber rant vlog I did a few weeks ago. I have to say yet again, just how amazed I am at the paper in the original Midori Traveler's Notebook. The thin pages put me off in the beginning and I truly thought I would make my own inserts.

However, time and time again I am amazed at the quality of this paper. When I finished this piece, I had at least 8-9 layers with all types of mediums. From layers upon layers of those nasty chunky dabbers, to watercolor, ink, and then some. This paper took quite a licking. Honestly it was mainly because when I put ink to paper... I hated how my writing looked so I covered it with a few more layers of paint and then opted for typed text.

Any who... we picked up my daughter's project from the pottery place today. This was the little daddy and daughter day out project they had done. What a fantastic little piece! Oh and this was little miss' art direction... to photography her unicorn in the "wild". Haha

Music of the Day:
Two Weeks : Grizzly Bear

Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Friday #3

Good morning everyone! I hope you've had a fantastic week. The kids were on spring break this week and it was quite relaxing. Having a new pup on training mode kept us fairly local, but we managed to fit in some fun times.

The week began with a little journaling date with my daughter at the local coffee shop, while her big brother was at a play date. Although... I suppose being a tween I shouldn't be calling it that now? Haha...

(Warning** proud mama moment**) Here she is shading with water color! She loves manga and usually uses her Copics, but this surprised me. She is so much better than her mama ^_*.

Then we finally found our local library and was pleasantly surprised! When we first moved into the Bay Area and checked our current town as a potential. The library was a very dismal building with half of it located in a dungeons basement. Not very inspiring, which is probably why I haven't really jumped at the opportunity to go. The books are still a bit circa 1980' ish... but the library moved next door into a new building. Very nicely done with a modern design and lots of seating Yay!

Next on the know that dabber video I made a few weeks ago? Well this is maybe the 6th layer I did on top of it. On the original thin Midori paper no less! Amazing the beating it can take! With no damage to the back page.

Weather has been positively summer esque lately, so we decided to move our activities out doors onto the patio. A little painting, journaling, and reading.

Here is a poolside moment for me. My son had his buddy over for some swimming and while I was with the boys, the hubby came home and whisked his little girl off to a daddy/daughter date at a ceramic shop and had a lovely desert at a Patisserie.

Meanwhile... part of the week's activities was to make little dioramas. My son's was of a war scene. I'll break this one down in another post, but thought I'd go ahead and share for now. My daughter is going for a safari scene so we may actually begin with some drawings of her animals etc. before we figure out what landscape we are going to make.


 And finally... a bit of SF love. We walked along the piers one day. The day began at the Ferry Market. we looked around and had some of it's delicious offerings and then set on our trek to the famous pier 39. Kid's weren't in love with the walking portion from one end to the other at one point, but was super thrilled when we went on one of those bicycle taxis from pier 39 to our car. It was harrowing, but fun with the whole family on board. Thank you bicycle man... for wrapping up our day with a fun breezy ride!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Friday!

Hope you are having a wonderful Friday morning! I must admit mine started off on a good note. Found a great little local cafe that had a Latin flare to it. This is my delicious Mexican Mocha and although I had a fantastic little crepe with an amazing home made spicy salsa, alas I forgot to take a pic. I tucked into it too fast haha.

Afterwards had a nice long walk with our new little rescue pup named Oreo, which by the way the training is coming along, albeit slowly. Being a rescue pup she does seem to have some issues, but we are working through them. On a positive note she is definitely keeping the family more healthy. We walk in the mornings and for a good 30 min. to an hr. at night after dinner. 

On my creative agenda for today. Playing with my April Art Snacks in my lovely Midori Traveler's Notebook and some more writing fun for my Parisian class and Nanowrimo.

On a side note we have been at our new residence for almost 2 months now. Kids had a really rough start, specially my son being he is in the 5th grade, but the last couple of weeks... things have taken a turn for the positive. As the kids got to know them, friendships have formed. Today my son will have his first play date... although I guess I shouldn't call it that. He is a tween haha.

So all-in-all this Friday is going quite well. Hope your's is as well. Happy Creating!

Music of the Day:
Happy : Pentatonix (Pharrell Cover)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mon Petite Paris and Serendipity

Since joining the Paris Salon, bare with me as I will be going all out and out Parisian emersion. I wish I had joined before the class began as it looks like the weeks of anticipation and preparation alone was quite palpable. As I poured through the previous posts and class content I could see many just bathed in all that was Paris.

From first hand photos and experiences to the devouring of films and books, it is quite exciting just how much positive energy is being generated in the group. As I have begun almost three weeks behind, I have put myself in an accelerated mode. As I take moments to play and get into the mood in my new journal (yes caved in and bought another luscious journal), I too began full emersion.

I alternated between my French Cafe music on Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, and watching a few films on Netflix. First film 2 Nights in Paris and the second an oldy but goodie... Amelie. My lovely baby's name sake. On a side bar moment, thought I'd share a little interesting story about my daughter's name.

While I was very very pregnant with my little gal, I had finally shaved down the list to Amelie and Gia. Gia was going to be her Korean name which means to be beautiful and wise, but I was debating on which would be her first name in english and what would be the middle.

We were down to the wire... I mean I was already nearing the end of my 8th month. Determined to make a decision, I went to the local Barnes and Nobel. Armed to the hilt with baby name books... well just in case there was a name I may have over looked, you never know of course, I sat down in the cafe. A little bottle of cranberry juice at hand, because this could be a thirst inducing activity, ready to set down to do some work.

I reached down and randomly opened to a page in one of the books. As my eye focused on the first name... Amelie, the sound track from the movie played over head. I closed the book and smiled. I did not bother looking at the other books. I opened my juice took a few sips and just enjoyed the music over head. Interesting how serendipity works its magic...

Music of the Day:
Peu a Peu : Peppermoon

Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy Friday Post

Happy Friday everyone! Thought I'd share a little update on the Facebook group I started called Midori Traveler's Notebook Eye Candy. The sharing and the art that has been posted in the group has been so inspiring! Barley a week in and already close to 200 members!

New Midori Charm

And from the group I found the content for today's Happy Friday Post. There is a wonderful creative lady named Cynthia Morris that a fellow member introduced to me. Her positive demeanor and general love for creative (as she likes to call it), "juju", is just so infectious.

I poured over her Youtube videos this week and it already inspired me to crawl out of my hole and do a little vlog. Yay! I felt such positive energy from Cynthia that I decided to get her book and a few other items that peaked my interest.

On that note, despite the fact her current online class, "Write Your Paris Stories", already started a few weeks ago, I decided to join today. Granted I vacillated a bit since two weeks had already past, but something in me decided it was the right time to just jump in. Besides as I am a big advocate at killing two birds with one stone... Camp Nanowrimo is just around the corner so I thought this would be the perfect foray into that endeavor as well.

Now onto what the whole Happy Friday Post is all about... the idea just came to me in the spur of the moment this afternoon. Thought it might be nice to sprinkle a little happy back in life and share items of inspiration and positive energy out there. This will in turn help me full fill the need to move forward and commit to my creative life as well. (Dual purpose baby...)

So if anything my commitment for the year will be... drum roll please... a Happy Friday Post every week. Happy Creating!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Midori Craft Paper Love & Carnivale

Does anyone remember the HBO series Carnivale? Yes, I caught bits and pieces of it back in the day, but finally had a chance to get around to watching it. Its fantastic! The dialog, imagery, symbolism... it all makes for some tasty inspiration.

With that in mind... for some reason my Midori craft paper notebook calls to me when ever I am doing something a little more vintage, steam punk, or magical. I just love how color pencil looks on this paper. If you remember I did a few steam punk characters when I first got my craft paper Midori.

And today it called to me while I was watching the show. If you haven't tried it, craft paper, Midori or not, is quite fun to play around on and lends a nice vintage touch. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Vlog: Dabber/ Dauber Rant/Tip

Hi all... just thought I would try doing a vlog today. Here is to me getting out of my comfort zone ^_^. Happy creating!