Friday, May 29, 2015

Happy Friday #47 : Blue Edition (Pan Am) Midori Traveler's Notebook

Hello everyone and Happy Friday to you! Ah such a lovely mail month I'm having. I pre-ordered my Blue Edition (Pan Am) of my Midori Traveler's Notebook a few months ago. Was a bit worried when I saw others getting theirs right after they ordered to be honest, but alas... it finally made it's appearance from Tabiyoshop.

The Midori came in it's usual packaged glory. However, it had a funky smell to it.  I decided to air it out all night near the window. Today it is not so strong, but still there. Hopefully a few more days of airing out will do it. Honestly I wasn't quite sure how I would like the blue leather and sat on the fence for quite a bit on it. In person its actually not too bad. It is a very sophisticated blue I think.I'm actually quite liking it so far. Not sure how it will age, but promise to keep you posted on that.

I definitely packed this box to the max with Pan Am fun. I purchased 4 notebook inserts, 2 packages of different stickers, plastic zip folder, pen, and pen clip. (Also, a few sticker flakes offered by Tabiyo.)

Also, if you noticed, I found my favorite calendar weekly insert albeit the free form version from my local Kinokuya Book store. Back to my fav. style of keeping up to date with my tasks and a way to sum up my week with photos.

Music of the Day:
MA : I don't Wanna Feel

Friday, May 8, 2015

Happy Friday #46 : Color Bible A.K.A. Color Test Book

Hello everyone! Happy Friday to you this fine day in May. Today I thought I'd share a little gem I found at a local used book store.

It is a book from 1979 (first edition published in 1905) called, 'A Color Notation', by A.H. Munsell. Otherwise known as the man behind color theory, he was an artist and teacher in his own right that had a proclivity towards science.

In essence, he knew compared to the physical mixtures of pigments confined to the user,  the eye produce thousands of variants of colors on a daily bases. The invention of the Munsell photometer for measuring white, as well as adaptations of hue and chroma are among the few things he was responsible for.

The paper inside the book is a lovely heavy stock that is akin to cold press watercolor paper. It was such a serendipitous choice for me. I had been thinking about all the test pages I have done for my supplies and how they eventually become lost in my journals so thought about getting something to have one book that would house them all. As I was mulling about what I would use, my friend Courtney from Raven's Cauldron mentioned that Jane Davenport had an amazing color bible that would pop up every now and again in her refresh videos.

So of course I had to go back and binge watch her videos and grew even more enamored with the idea of having my own little beauty. Now despite the fact I have a lot of supplies,  I don't believe I have nearly as much as Jane, so I thought a smaller book would be more appropriate for me. Next thing you know, while exploring a neighboring town, we happened upon a cute little recycle book store and this little critter all but jumped out at me with it's vivd binding amongst the sea of books.

Here I am a few pages in and I am adoring it! No need to mess around with the cover, the title, content, and the paper are just so amazing. I am becoming more convinced that maybe this is the way I should go for at least some of my journals in the future ^_^.

Music of the Day:
Indila : Tourner Dans Le Vide

Monday, April 13, 2015

7 Day's In The 100 Day Project

It has been one week in since beginning The 100 Day Project. It kicked off to a rocky start because I was out of town the first three days and I was lacking some supplies, but all-in-all I'm all caught up now. 

I must say it is an interesting foray into doing stand alone pieces, albeit still a bit small since I am using an 8 x 8 water color block. I am learning what works and what does not, since I like to use other supplies such as Prisma color pencils and such, but it is mostly because I don't have much experience with rough surface of cold press paper. I just ordered some hot press paper, so maybe that will help moving forward.

The other aspect of stand alone pieces I find difficult is the need to be more patient and meticulous. Which as you see so far is not quite there yet haha. In a journal its more forgiving to have paint splotches or lines that are off, but on a separate piece... due to the larger surface area and such I am having difficulty keeping the paint thickness and shade consistent. 

Any who, originally I was going to continue with my little character that is in my Hobonichi, for this project, but I have decided to just play. One day to plan and the next to paint. Nothing wrong with exploring the different facets of one's artistic personalities no? Plus, eh... I'm still searching I suppose for my own creative voice. Which in turn will be defined by practice... practice... practice. 

Day 1 sketch

Day 2 gouache & digital

Day 3 sketch

Day 4 gouache

Day 5 sketch

Day 6 graphite, watercolor, gouache, color pencil, ink

Day 7 graphite, watercolor, ink

Music of the Day:
Nouvelle Vague : Dancing with Myself

Friday, April 10, 2015

Happy Friday #45 : Flexi-Sketch Book Review

Ah yes... what can I say? I found my happy throw all sketchbook that I don't mind messing up, The Flexi-Sketch. Sound strange? I suppose it is, but certain sketchbooks I feel a sort of preciousness about it still even after a few years have passed. 

Any who the paper inside, although fairly standard for a sketchbook is good enough for light wet media. There maybe some curling if a page becomes too wet, but I don't mind that much as u can always flatten pages by closing the book and adding some weight.

Charcoal pencil works beautifully on the paper as does my oil pastels. The paper itself has a very fine texture to it. Very slight, but good enough to look nice as the charcoal runs across it.

So far most of my markers do not bleed. Heavy use of supplies leave a slight shadow on the next page, but I've decided to try using only the right side of the sketchbook. A practice some advocate so that drawing do not get ruined maybe? Or is it a plot of the paper companies so that you will get another journal? Hmm... either way I'm all for it haha.

Now in terms of the size. I made a slight mistake in size judgement. It did not really register just how small this would end up being until it arrive on my doorstep. Admittedly, afterwards I regretted the purchase and it sat on the shelf for a few weeks.  I toyed with getting the bigger size, but just couldn't bring myself to get another journal... well right now anyways. Yes, folks... I do have a bit of self control ^_^.

Then in my desperation to find a good square journal, I opted to just pull this out and play with it and so glad I did. You'll be seeing me playing around quite a bit in this little  6 x 6 critter. In fact it is my go-to for 'The 100 Day Project'. If this one sound a bit too small for you they do have it in an 8 X 8 as well as your traditional shapes. Here is to a good mistake... happy creating!!!

Music of the Day:
Mr. Little Jeans : Good Mistake

Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Friday #44 : The 100 Day Project

Happy Friday!!! Today's vlog is a bit about the new 100 day challenge I will be involved in beginning of April 6th called : The 100 Day Project, hosted this year by the magazine : The Great Discontent.

The Great Discontent, Issue 2

This is the mini documentary about an earlier session of artists who dedicated themselves to a 100 days of creativity and how the project impacted their lives.

Since my focus will be to get out of my journals I thought I would start by using the Aqvarelle Arches and Fluid Easy water color blocks I already had on hand.  Remember to hashtag your days on instagram :  #The100DayProject and your personal #100Daysof______. My personal one will be #100DaysofJules.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mon Carnet De Poche Update

 I thought I would drop a quick update on my beloved journal that many have been asking about Mon Carnet De Poche. The lovely vintage journal that seems to be taking a lot from the different mediums I am trying.

I know many were looking for it. Although I originally purchased it in a Japanese stationary store named Maido, they had since sold out. I found the exact same one at Crate & Barrel of all places. Or a version of it on JenniBick called Carnet de Croquis Poche (Pocekt Sketchbook).

It is truly a lovely sketchbook or all around nice paper if you like to use it for writing.

Music of the Day:
Sondre Lerche : Bad Law

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

In Search

Its been a few years now since I've dived back into the creative world and I must say I have learned a lot and also been bitten by the supply bug as is very apparent from my journey. During which I have played around with many different mediums and styles, and just plain played around to see what would happen.

I guess you can say I am still in the throws of searching for the elusive, "style" that is my own. The one that would make one say, hey... that looks like something Julia did haha. Now I'm not talking about fames and riches although I won't deny that would be grand. I'm just talking about how some are driven to repeat a certain type of stamp on the world or art and creativity that is uniquely their own.

Sometimes I feel the failure for not having discovered mine yet and this is aside from the fact I still need to grow my technical skills. Perhaps this in the natural evolution of feelings all artists go through I am not sure. First the blank page fright, then the fear of what other would say or think, and finally the growing desire to have "the style" that is your own.

Seems like a lot of emotional and psychological hurdles one has to go through in order to do something we as humans so innately want to do. I think that is why I am so drawn to artists like Lynda Barry. How she pulls from the ones who thought themselves the least bit creative, a load of it.

Funny... just rambling in my thoughts as I was playing with some gouache and oil pastels in my Mon Carnet de Poche today. It had occurred to me that I have not as I haven't 'arrived' so to speak, but maybe that isn't such a bad thing. Maybe I shouldn't be so concerned with 'searching' for it... as long as I am creating and having fun!

Music of the Day:
Lullatone : Growing Up