Happy Friday Post #8 : Things I Dig

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Happy Friday Everyone! Here are some things that I dig at the moment..

The book Daily Rituals : How Artists Work by Mason Currey. Whenever I have a quiet moment, I fit in a few stories. Generally a page or two long, there are great little excerpts of creatives and how they went about their day, life style, and work.

Oh I have no notions of grandeur and believe that these are recipes for success, rather a voyeuristic pleasure at seeing the human behind the artist. They are quick short reads, but it is not to say you leave without some lessons learned. So far my take away is... find your sweet spot. The time you are most creative and come high or hell make sure you do some work during those hours. Wether its 15 mins., a few hours, or six... shut everything down and just do.

There are a few more I'm formulating, but I'll share at a later date.

Cocohodo... YUMMM! So what the heck is this you ask? They are little pastries pressed into the shape of a Hodo (Korean for Walnut), inside is a sweet red bean paste, and a fresh walnut. This place presses them on the spot when you order. They are hot and individually wrapped in little tissue paper. Its ridiculously good.

My Hobonichi... need I say more?

Flow Magazine... an absolutely lovely paper magazine from the Netherlands. This is their international version. The one behind it is the paper edition. Inside are some lovely papers you can rip out and use if you can bare it... stickers, and little pop-ups. I not only like it for the papers and general creative articles that are inside, but the different perspective so to speak. Its a different lens they look through and I just adore the artist they usually feature. Many times people I had never heard of. This magazine is a must if you haven't had the pleasure of seeing it at your local Barnes. They are a quarterly magazine so keep that in mind.

Ohh.... my Hi Tec pens! Love... love... love them. They are working out so well inside my Hobo as well. I adore how small the tip is and my two surprise happy colors are the pink you see here and a darker indigo that did not make it in the picture. They are just fantastic to play with. If you have a local Kinokuya Book store or Miado, it is only sold inside their brick and mortar stores. To buy online you can find them on or even

So there you have it. The things I dig at the moment. Oh and of course I can not leave you without sharing one of my old favorites Koop! I hope you have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend and happy creating!

Music of the Day:
Summer Sun : Koop

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