Product Review

New Favorite Printing Paper

2:37:00 PM

Epson.... ok back in the day I used to have a fantastic ink jet printer that lasted me for years. I used their photo papers with success. Then I was lured away by my love for Cannons. Always had a Cannon 35mm camera, but when I went digital, it was Cannon for the most part. Since I've had two Cannon printers as well (i960 used for 5 yrs. and currently using MG6320 on yr. 2) as well and used a variety of papers, but for some reason I completely forgot how good the Epson line of papers were.

Oh wait I do know the reason... I usually just get what is on sale ^_*. Ha, any who, now that I do more in my planner and photo wrap up every weekend for both my children and myself, I find that I'm running through paper more often. So I went on a trip to the local office supply shop to see what was available.

Enter Epson Premium Presentation Paper in Matte, ahhhh. Ok so it was on sale and I thought hmm... matte? Why not? And the why not ended up being quite a happy one indeed.

I printed out some pics yesterday and it came out so wonderfully. Really great color, fantastic matte finish, and the paper has some weight to it so it isn't floppy like regular glossy paper you usually find. Apparently this is double sided so you could use in that capacity, but so far I love this and thought I'd share the love. Happy printing!!!

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