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Happy Friday #7 : First Hobo Spread

12:24:00 AM

Happy Friday everyone! And here it is... a few days in my hobo I have to share. Threw everything but the kitchen sink here, but having so much fun! Here I tested out watercolor, HiTeC pens, acrylic markers, and... drum roll please... washi tape! I saturated the pages with water in the heavy color patch areas. There is a little more wrinkling than the paper in the original Midori, but it dries fairly flat a slight crinkly texture. This doesn't bother me though, I quite like the feel of it for some reason.

Played around with a lot of stuff here...oh and the little Kokeshi sticker I designed made it's way inside as well ^_*. Although I got my planner on Monday, I wanted to try playing with the way I usually document my week for the Sunday entry... with pictures. I usually use the thicker card stock journaling cards or scrapbook paper, but I really liked this transparent origami paper I had laying around. I thought it would be ideal to try thinner paper to add less bulk, but I may throw that into the wind since I have so many of those lovely cards. We shall see how that works out.

Here are a few entries my daughter did of her first few days. Her actual first entry was on the pages of the journal that already passed, they are located on her blog.

And of course to get you in the mood with a little funky music by Towa Tei (Japanese DJ from DeeLite), Happy Creating!

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