Happy Friday #4 : A Week for New Things

12:00:00 AM

Happy Friday everyone! This past week it has definitely been a week for new things... 

All of these delectable items you see here are either completely new experiences or at the very least, eaten at a new restaurant never tried before. Lucky for me all these foody experiences were perfectly delicious. Especially the surprise roasted coconut snack. I normally dislike the shaved coconut you find in bakery or confectionary goods.

My husband had put this little bag on my desk and I so hesitantly opened the bag. With all my preconceived notions about coconut I slowly put my hand in, all ready believing it would be awful, but this... this was a whole different thing all together. It was delicious... not what I expect from dried coconut... yum!

Although this week's dive into the unknown was not orchestrated, it is simple moments like these when I reflect upon my week, however mundane, that I learn a lesson. Or at the very least reminded of one... it is a gamble to try something new. It could be the most terrible thing ever or be the most wonderful experience of your life. Even the ones you may have preconceived notions over. So just try... you never know... life may just surprise you with a delicious unexpected treat. On that note here is a new little tune for you to try ^_*.

Music of the Day:
Swing Tree : Discovery

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