Happy Friday!

11:12:00 AM

Hope you are having a wonderful Friday morning! I must admit mine started off on a good note. Found a great little local cafe that had a Latin flare to it. This is my delicious Mexican Mocha and although I had a fantastic little crepe with an amazing home made spicy salsa, alas I forgot to take a pic. I tucked into it too fast haha.

Afterwards had a nice long walk with our new little rescue pup named Oreo, which by the way the training is coming along, albeit slowly. Being a rescue pup she does seem to have some issues, but we are working through them. On a positive note she is definitely keeping the family more healthy. We walk in the mornings and for a good 30 min. to an hr. at night after dinner. 

On my creative agenda for today. Playing with my April Art Snacks in my lovely Midori Traveler's Notebook and some more writing fun for my Parisian class and Nanowrimo.

On a side note we have been at our new residence for almost 2 months now. Kids had a really rough start, specially my son being he is in the 5th grade, but the last couple of weeks... things have taken a turn for the positive. As the kids got to know them, friendships have formed. Today my son will have his first play date... although I guess I shouldn't call it that. He is a tween haha.

So all-in-all this Friday is going quite well. Hope your's is as well. Happy Creating!

Music of the Day:
Happy : Pentatonix (Pharrell Cover)

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