Mon Petite Paris and Serendipity

12:36:00 AM

Since joining the Paris Salon, bare with me as I will be going all out and out Parisian emersion. I wish I had joined before the class began as it looks like the weeks of anticipation and preparation alone was quite palpable. As I poured through the previous posts and class content I could see many just bathed in all that was Paris.

From first hand photos and experiences to the devouring of films and books, it is quite exciting just how much positive energy is being generated in the group. As I have begun almost three weeks behind, I have put myself in an accelerated mode. As I take moments to play and get into the mood in my new journal (yes caved in and bought another luscious journal), I too began full emersion.

I alternated between my French Cafe music on Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, and watching a few films on Netflix. First film 2 Nights in Paris and the second an oldy but goodie... Amelie. My lovely baby's name sake. On a side bar moment, thought I'd share a little interesting story about my daughter's name.

While I was very very pregnant with my little gal, I had finally shaved down the list to Amelie and Gia. Gia was going to be her Korean name which means to be beautiful and wise, but I was debating on which would be her first name in english and what would be the middle.

We were down to the wire... I mean I was already nearing the end of my 8th month. Determined to make a decision, I went to the local Barnes and Nobel. Armed to the hilt with baby name books... well just in case there was a name I may have over looked, you never know of course, I sat down in the cafe. A little bottle of cranberry juice at hand, because this could be a thirst inducing activity, ready to set down to do some work.

I reached down and randomly opened to a page in one of the books. As my eye focused on the first name... Amelie, the sound track from the movie played over head. I closed the book and smiled. I did not bother looking at the other books. I opened my juice took a few sips and just enjoyed the music over head. Interesting how serendipity works its magic...

Music of the Day:
Peu a Peu : Peppermoon

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