Happy Friday Post

Happy Friday Post

8:55:00 PM

Happy Friday everyone! Thought I'd share a little update on the Facebook group I started called Midori Traveler's Notebook Eye Candy. The sharing and the art that has been posted in the group has been so inspiring! Barley a week in and already close to 200 members!

New Midori Charm

And from the group I found the content for today's Happy Friday Post. There is a wonderful creative lady named Cynthia Morris that a fellow member introduced to me. Her positive demeanor and general love for creative (as she likes to call it), "juju", is just so infectious.

I poured over her Youtube videos this week and it already inspired me to crawl out of my hole and do a little vlog. Yay! I felt such positive energy from Cynthia that I decided to get her book and a few other items that peaked my interest.

On that note, despite the fact her current online class, "Write Your Paris Stories", already started a few weeks ago, I decided to join today. Granted I vacillated a bit since two weeks had already past, but something in me decided it was the right time to just jump in. Besides as I am a big advocate at killing two birds with one stone... Camp Nanowrimo is just around the corner so I thought this would be the perfect foray into that endeavor as well.

Now onto what the whole Happy Friday Post is all about... the idea just came to me in the spur of the moment this afternoon. Thought it might be nice to sprinkle a little happy back in life and share items of inspiration and positive energy out there. This will in turn help me full fill the need to move forward and commit to my creative life as well. (Dual purpose baby...)

So if anything my commitment for the year will be... drum roll please... a Happy Friday Post every week. Happy Creating!!!

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