Documented Life

10:23:00 PM

Documenting your life is such an interesting thing. It doesn't necessarily have to take up hours of your time, but just a few minutes each day or a blocked time at the beginning of the week to plan and some time at the end of the week to wrap things up with a few words and pictures.

I've really only started this planner/documenting thing for less than a year now. Yes, I will admit I am not consistent, but when I look back it is just so fun. Days that otherwise blend into each other become a little more unique... a little more important.

I'm getting better at remembering to take images of my food ha. Yes, for a time I would kick myself for forgetting to take a pic. before I already dug in, but its nice to see what yummies I found at a local restaurant.

Any who... as you may have noticed this was my birthday weekend. Started the day with a delicious brunch, some shopping, dinner, and a strawberry shortcake for desert. Unfortunately, I did forget to take pics. in the evening, but trust me... all was good.

The creative mojo is slow coming... but its coming along. I've been a bit burnt out from the move, new puppy, and whoas of my children as they struggled to find their place in their new school. I'll speak more on that on another date as it still makes me a bit emotional, but things seem to be looking up. So more art shall come I promise. In the mean time here is a bit of funky from my favorite Japanese DJ... Towa Tei, you may remember him from the group called Deelite.

Music of the Day:
Towa Tei : Apple

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