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4:55:00 PM

Got a few books via snail mail this week. One on the Daily Rituals of Artists. As the title suggests, it is a compilation of little snapshots of the day and the life of an artist. Again... interesting how this theme comes up again and again. The idea that the mundane is not as useless or uninteresting as we think. Your daily habits, the ever day is what provides the picture of who you are, the reflection of the times, or a story. I truly look forward to reading about some of my favorite creative minds and seeing the portrait of their daily lives.

The other book, I Just Like To Make Things, intrigued me.... maybe because the marketing crew did a great job. I saw quite a few ads for this one and other artists talking about it. Any who, it looks like its full of tips and creative fodder that I don't mind dipping into. Anything to ignite the creative soul is what I say.

I also had a chance to go to our not so local Barnes and Noble. Takes us over 20 mins. to get to one now. So many book stores have closed down. I miss spending my time at a local bookstore on the weekends checking out the new magazines, books, and music... but I digress. The two magazines I had the pleasure of buying are both imports. Paper Stack, a book full of designer paper from the U.K. and Flow magazine from the Netherlands. If you are a lover of paper, these two are def. recommended.

These were my snack for a few days. Bought it at a place called Cocohoado, hot and warm. Yum! Hoado means walnut in Korean. These are little cakey treats made in the shape of a walnut with sweet black bean and a walnut inside.

My Art Snacks also made it on my desk this week. In the package this week: Aristo 3FIT Mechanical pencil, M. Graham & Co. Artists Gouache Sienna, General's White Charcoal Pencil, and Connoisseur Protege Taklon Brush.

Last but not least, my Kiki-K planner and my Midori Traveler's Notebook ready and waiting. So far I've had a chance to cut down some of the dividers for the planner. The clear acetate blue and pink print bits you see in the background are the left overs. I'll go more into the setup as I dig in.

Meanwhile as you can tell I love having music in the background as I work. I get excited when I find new music to love, but whole new genera is even better. Electro Pose from France. Here is an example of it. Enjoy!

Music of the Day:
Daft Pink Cover : Get Lucky

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