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Hi everyone! Back from a long hiatus I know. Finally unpacked, kids are in school, and as if I did not have enough to do, we got a rescue pup.

The original plan was to wait until summer when everything settled down, but I guess we rushed it. Right before we moved I took our beloved hamster Cupie to the vet and found out she had cancer. Not too long after, she passed away. I've had hamster's before, but this one was quite sweet. It would come out to a little clear ball attachment when it wanted to play. The kids would open it and she would crawl into their hands. She never nipped.

Everyday after homework was done the little critter would come out to play, sometimes the kids would build her a maze with their blocks, sometimes little obstacle courses with their toy soldiers, other times Cupie just sat on their hands for a little petting. 

I know death is a hard concept for kids and I thought they were doing quite well, but with the change of the move, plus the death... must have been a bit too much. Periodically I would find them crying, in bouts of depression, heart broken and looking in their journals of the pictures they had. I think that is what pushed me and my hubby over the edge and we caved in and jumped the gun. Sigh...

Any who, named by my daughter, Oreo became a part of the family a little over a week ago. She was a part of what the rescue group called the Gilligan's Island clan, on account of them finding her and her 6 siblings abandoned in a box on the side of the road. Apparently all the pups looked different other than their coloring, but the assumption is that they are terrier and cocker spaniel mixes. She reminds me of a Jim Henson muppet though. So far she has the cocker spaniel's tendency to be sweet and cuddly, but the terrier's knack for being distracted and territorial.

I'm still in the midst of training our little gal. I'm not going to lie and say its all fun and cuddles, its quite a bit of work, but I think we are coming along. I have puppy training classes set up after she gets her final shots so that should help a lot.

Leave it to me to bite off more than I can chew haha. Oh and did I say I've been training her while in the midst of a whopping flu that hit the whole family? Ahh... any ways, trying to muster up my creative mojo again, but I haven't forgotten my Kiki-K or (Filofax esq, planner). I'll post more on that as I get going in it.

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