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Getting the Creative Mojo Back

6:51:00 PM

Had a happy surprise delivery today. Albeit it was a scouch late, someone sent me flowers. Not quite sure who as the card didn't say, but it is nice to have a bit o' fresh cut flowers around. I'm quite happy these last few days. As if a veil had been lifted off my shoulders. As you can imagine all the things that have been happening just plain exhausted me. Not just physically, but mentally. Art or writing for that matter was really the last things on my mind, much less a desire. So I've been trying desperately to get things going again.

Began with getting a few magazines and books as you saw a few posts ago. Making it a point to get back to taking my vitamins and drinking more liquids. Lots of mini walks with our little Oreo and sure enough things started looking brighter again.

I guess you could say I took creative baby steps again. I jumped back into my Midori Planner and started well... planning, doodling, documenting. The sketch you see on the right, was also an attempt at getting my art on, but then it fell a little flat...but today. Gouache called my name and I decided to answer. And then a neon pink Tombo colored pencil from one of my Art Snacks made it's way into my hands and voila. A little whimsy is just what we need sometimes. Nothing fancy, but loads of fun.

Happy creating everyone!!!

Music of the Day:
Royksopp : Poor Leno

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