Happy Friday Post

Happy Friday #4 : Easter is in the Air

12:21:00 AM

Good morning and Happy Friday to you! Today is a slightly downcast day, but all is good and motivation is strong. It has been close to two months since our move and as I begin to feel daily life normalizing, I also realized just how off track things in my life has gone.

Creatively speaking, I probably only just began to gain my mojo back about a month ago. It began with a bit o' dabbling in my Midori, then a late night epiphany to start a Midori eye candy group, a few (ok maybe not a few, but a LOT of) beautiful art supplies, and a quaint Paris themed writing class.

That being said, I haven't fully realized my potential and am a bit inefficient with my time. Ironically, my technical profession always kept me quite organized, planned, detailed, and rigid. But boy... once I decided to go down the path of creativity, like a rebellious teen I tossed the rule book out the window of a speeding jet and went ape you know what!

I definitely enjoy this time I have with the kids and letting things just flow, but I have to say the romance of 'period de rebellion' is over. Its high time I meld some of those planning skills back into my life and get things back on track. As I begin my plans I promise I will share them here and hopefully... just a little of it may help you as well.

Now enough of the soul searching... time for the Happy Part of Friday. Easter Easter Easter! Ok so it technically isn't until Sunday, but Easter is definitely in the air. The chocolate bunnies, peeps, cadbury eggs, and cute little easter displays every where. Its just such a happy spring event.

Truthfully... my kids are slowly growing out of enjoying the pastel bunny love, but I just had to make them a little basket full of goodies anyways. I'm sure they won't mind some sugar and goody love, who can pass up on that?

The painted eggs above were from a play date my daughter had a few days ago. I tried to entice my 11 yr. old son with pictures of Walking Dead Zombie eggs on Pineterest, but alas it was a no go. Ah well... Happy Easter!

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