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Happy Friday #3

12:00:00 AM

Good morning everyone! I hope you've had a fantastic week. The kids were on spring break this week and it was quite relaxing. Having a new pup on training mode kept us fairly local, but we managed to fit in some fun times.

The week began with a little journaling date with my daughter at the local coffee shop, while her big brother was at a play date. Although... I suppose being a tween I shouldn't be calling it that now? Haha...

(Warning** proud mama moment**) Here she is shading with water color! She loves manga and usually uses her Copics, but this surprised me. She is so much better than her mama ^_*.

Then we finally found our local library and was pleasantly surprised! When we first moved into the Bay Area and checked our current town as a potential. The library was a very dismal building with half of it located in a dungeons basement. Not very inspiring, which is probably why I haven't really jumped at the opportunity to go. The books are still a bit circa 1980' ish... but the library moved next door into a new building. Very nicely done with a modern design and lots of seating Yay!

Next on the know that dabber video I made a few weeks ago? Well this is maybe the 6th layer I did on top of it. On the original thin Midori paper no less! Amazing the beating it can take! With no damage to the back page.

Weather has been positively summer esque lately, so we decided to move our activities out doors onto the patio. A little painting, journaling, and reading.

Here is a poolside moment for me. My son had his buddy over for some swimming and while I was with the boys, the hubby came home and whisked his little girl off to a daddy/daughter date at a ceramic shop and had a lovely desert at a Patisserie.

Meanwhile... part of the week's activities was to make little dioramas. My son's was of a war scene. I'll break this one down in another post, but thought I'd go ahead and share for now. My daughter is going for a safari scene so we may actually begin with some drawings of her animals etc. before we figure out what landscape we are going to make.


 And finally... a bit of SF love. We walked along the piers one day. The day began at the Ferry Market. we looked around and had some of it's delicious offerings and then set on our trek to the famous pier 39. Kid's weren't in love with the walking portion from one end to the other at one point, but was super thrilled when we went on one of those bicycle taxis from pier 39 to our car. It was harrowing, but fun with the whole family on board. Thank you bicycle man... for wrapping up our day with a fun breezy ride!

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