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Hobonichi Techo a Few Weeks In

1:33:00 AM

Hobonichi Techoooo~ yes I occasionally still sing that song from the ad. It's just very catchy. Any who so now I am a few weeks in. I can not make a definitive call as of yet since I've been caught up on designing my art room, but here are a few more pages thus far.

I've been prepping the pages a few nights before with a light wash of water color sometimes. I throw down the occasional washi tape, or washi tape art, and do a sort of bullet to-do-list.  Doodles, pictures, tip-ins and stickers for when there are low key days and not a lot has gone on. I have not done hard core writing about my day here as of yet. More little blurbs here and there.

My usual tools of choice are displayed in a fit of pink... a pink acrylic marker by Montana, a pink Le Pen, and of course my new favorite Hi Tec in what else... pink.

I'll share some updated posts on the room next so stay tuned! Love to hear if anyone else got on the Hobo or Fauxbo band wagon and how it is going for you. Feel free to leave comment here or in the Hobo Eye Candy group on FB ^_^.

Music of the Day:
Light Summer Dress : MA

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