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Happy Friday #13 : The Common Place Book

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I know, I know what you are thinking. Wha... another journal? Yes, but this one I've been parading about so you are probably used to seeing it by now ^_*. Any who, a lovely lady caught me mentioning my Common Place Book a few times and asked me to expand upon it. I actually put this one on the back burner for a while because there is so much to share.

Most of you have probably kept one in the past or are keeping one now without knowing it is called a Common Place Book. I know I have... here is a condensed Vlog about my thoughts on it.

As a companion to the vlog here are some of the sources I used to discuss the topic. These sources will give you more of the history and an in-depth look at keeping one.

How and Why to Keep a Common Place Book

Project Start a Common Place Book

How interesting, this blog did not come up for me in my initial search on the subject, but as I dug around for the links to share I found this : My flexible Common Place Notebook. This is pretty much how I like to use mine, with a few caveats...

I like to add my thoughts on certain subjects in mine. Mostly quick notes version or marginalia. When I really want to ponder on a subject. I use my regular writing journals/dairies. Which right now is inside my Midori Travelers Notebook.

Although I did not cover it in my Vlog, I also like to keep visual nuggets inside as well. Doodles, test products, and visual mood boards for topics I am going to write about. For instance, for a Paris Story writing class, I took images of France and put down fun papers, washi, etc. for visual inspiration.

For those of you who Home school or are interested here is the book and her website.

Music of the Day:
Raconte-Moi Une Histoire : M83

Hmm... this song sounded silly and fun just listening to it, but after watching the visual. It truly is the stuff of nightmares haha... Happy Creating!

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  1. Just watched your video which led me here. Great info! What is the book you are using for your CPB? It is lovely. Will you do a follow up video showing some of the inside? TFS