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12:01:00 PM

A close up of my new favorite addition to the room. Vintage drawers on it's side housing one of my obsessions. This is by far my favorite method of storage as it is easily accessible and I am not having to go some where, nor dig around.

I'm going to save my Midori Journal for another day, but the Kakuno pen is very smooth! It took a while for the ink to kick in, though this is my only other fountain pen with a disposable cartridge so I'm not sure if this is normal. I had to keep it upside down for a least a few minutes before the ink started to flow.

Speaking of which, the ink it comes with is not water proof, but it is a very nice black. Here is a little test I did in my Hobo. The little flower doodles in the Kakuno packaging were drawn with the pen. I added a little water to shade the petals with the ink.

Here I have a little picture of a few things I got at Michaels that same weekend. That knife looking thing is a bone folder. If you haven't heard of it, it is a tool that helps you create a crisp fold. Ideal for book making and cards. I had one in college, but with all the moves... its seems it has gone missing. I got this little packet of charms in the cheapy bins in Michaels. If you haven't rummage through there, sometimes there is pretty decent stuff. As for the brushes... they are pretty self explanatory, but here it is small brushes for small details ^_*.

And of course last, but not least... the stickers! I was assured by quite a few lovely ladies its all good and fun. Darn... too bad I gave my coveted sticker collection to my niece a decade ago. I miss those scented ones and of course the vintage Hello Kitty and Lisa Frank.

Here is to enjoying the little things and as I like to say... "Hey a stationary addiction is better than a designer shoe one!" Proceeded by a lovely... Muh hahaha...."

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