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Mon Carnet de Poche

12:57:00 AM

Alas, I did not leave my beloved Maido empty handed. While adoring the Midori displays and enjoying the general notebook nirvana, I had seen this journal hovering around. Beckoning me to buy it. I resisted the temptation as I had already too many journals, but as they say resistance is futile haha. Mon Carnet de Poche or My Pocket Notebook made it into my hands and I am in love!

It is no pocket notebook by any means though... it is a B5 (roughly 7' x 10') notebook. The notebook is fairly simple and vintage in appearance. It has a card stock cover, cloth along the spine, and the papers sit slightly out of the cover. Normally this would bother me, but some how in this journal it lends to it's vintage feel.

They do have cream colored ones as well, but the one I purchased has brown kraft like paper in three different styles. It has 112 sheet of the ruled, 64 grid, and 112 of the perforated plain.

112 Ruled Sheets 
64 Grid Sheets
112 Plain Perforated Sheets

So far the paper has taken acrylic ink, ink, acrylic paint, watercolor, and waxy color pencils like a rockstar with no bleed or much warping. I mean it curls a little as it dries, but I just rolled it in the opposite direction and it straighten out.

I decided to play around with my new December ArtSnacks toys in it as well which was nice. The drawing pencils were fairly standard, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the Prismacolor Premier 05 pen. It was very juicy and smooth. Much more palatable than microns I would have to say. 

Although I purchased my Cahier or notebook at Maido, online I found it at Jenni Bick Bookbinding. I haven't purchased from her, but please share if you do end up buying from her, on how your experience was. It seems she carries two sizes a small one B6 (roughly 5 X 7) for $10 and the B5 for $15.

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  1. Just a note for everyone. I was alerted that The Jenni Book Binding company was fantastic and quick in sending products. So I would def. give them a try.

  2. I love collecting journals and came across the Mon carnet de poche at Crate and Barrel. I too could not resist ...they are beautiful and reminiscent of lazy, cafe writing days....enjoy!