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Hi there, I've been down the writing rabbit hole as of late and came upon a few interesting articles I thought I would share. Both have to do with the art of note taking, so get your common place book and throw down some notes on the subject. Could help you or the student in your life ^_^.

The first one has to do with the benefits of hand writing versus note taking on a laptop which has become a common practice amongst the children of the digital age. The article title, 'Here's Why Writing Things Out By Hand Makes You Smarter', is an excellent article for you to use as proof behind the pudding. The article goes on to talk about a study a few psychologists did that investigated the topic of just how bad laptops were for note-taking vs. handwriting.

Bottom line is if you are in a robotic state busy taking down words verbatim, you aren't taking the time it takes while writing your notes to frame it, edit it for key words, or write down questions that are important for you. In other words your brain doesn't engage therefore your brain doesn't tell you it's important to remember. A lost opportunity if you ask me.

Being of the generation where I grew up writing notes, yet working in technology, I too must admit I fell into the digital only mode for a while. Mostly out of necessity... but I am happy to report the percentage of written vs. digital is more like 70/30 now. Yes, my love of journals has turn the tide for me. That being said I don't believe I'm being a luddite... I still use my icalander and Evernotes for things, but as storage containers. Retention as they say is much better accomplished by hand to paper.

The other article is a short and sweet one about the actual act of note taking. As an aside did you know Ernest Hemingway was an avid note taker? Tons of images online if you want to take a gander. Any who the article, 'You've Probably Been Taking Notes Wrong Your Entire Life', simply states when note taking you should have a stimulus (cue or questions) and a response. Think flash cards, your notes now become interactive and no longer just summaries.

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