Journals, Paper, Pens, and Pencils Oh My

12:00:00 AM

Decided to head out to a cafe today. It was a little out of the way, but I love the urban loft setting of this particular location. It is just so wonderful if you can find a place to inspire you to have an all around lovely day. I was able to do some journaling, sketch, write letters to my pen pals, and enjoy delicious coffee as well as have a yummy lunch.

As I mentioned before, I am more of a hermit than a social butterfly, so for some reason the act of going out is an ordeal... well the initial dragging of my feet out of doors that is. However, once I'm out its a completely different story.

Today was a prime example of how shaking things up and doing something out of the ordinary for yourself is so important. Personally I'm not very comfortable drawing in public as I'm terribly self conscious about how poor my urban sketching skills are haha, but I've been trying it on and off last year to get over the silly fear.

I began with sitting in the back and occasionally drawing during my children's dance classes. Other times, like today, I take my journal with when I decide to go to a cafe. Now the experience of sitting in public and drawing or writing will elicit some stares and the hesitation as they pass your table, but for the most part people seem nice. Also, after the first few times, you learn to ignore it ^_^.  Ha... that being said, I thought it was funny when I pulled out my paper and began to write letters.

Everyone around me had their smart phones and laptops in hand and here I was this luddite with paper, Midori Traveler's Notebook, Gillio, pens, and pencils in hand. Although this seem to surprise some the digitally hip crowd, they seemed to really dig the phenomenon haha. I sure did back when I rediscovered my love for the old school. Yes... I too worked in the internet field for more years than I'd like to let on any more haha. 

Now... in the spirit of old school, here is a silly little comedy sketch I enjoyed back in my Middle School days haha. Enjoy!

Video of the Day:
Kids In The Hall : I Crush Your Head

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  1. I love just chilling out in a cafe. Sadly, we don't have many left around here that aren't chain. But I've been there with iPad or iPhone or physical book or Moleskine. Depends on my mood.

    Nice Fitbit, BTW. ;-)