My Colorful Sunday

5:24:00 PM

Today was a fun day exploring Santa Cruz downtown. Since moving to the Bay Area we have gone to this town only twice before, both of which were on the way home from Monterey Bay. So it was nice to actually make it our destination this time.

The weather was absolutely perfect. There was a slight breeze in the air, the sun was pouring its love down on the town and color was every where. We happened upon Palace Art & Office Supply store that had a lot of colorful love inside.

I'm not quite sure if I was influenced by my recent magazine on Color from UpperCase, but today it was all about color! We walked by several bohemian stores that had fantastic colorful displays. It was an all around great day as I came away with some art supplies and lovely Sandalwood incense.

Our snack... although not in Santa Cruz some how ended up being colorful as well. This was the mixed fruit crepe from the Sno-Crave in Cupertino. Supper fresh and delish!!!

Happy colorful Sunday to you!  

Music of the Day:
Oqm : Colors

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