Happy Friday #37 : Year of the SPARK!

12:00:00 AM

Image from Carla Sonheim
Hi everyone! I just wanted to share the fun class I decided to treat myself to this year called, "Year of the SPARK!" held by two very talented and successful ladies, Carla Sonheim and Lynn Whipple.

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Carla's books have been inspiring our family to play for years. With her little ink blob animals to her side walk crack creatures, her books were always there for us on quiet weekends. I would highly recommend any of her books if you are looking for some fun projects to do with your little ones, or to mix up things in your creative life.

A piece I did in my journal 4 years ago when I was first inspired by Carla's work.

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Lynn is well known for her interesting collages and mixed media pieces. If you've ever picked up a book on mixed media, I am sure you have seen her work in some form or another. Always inspiring to see her wonderful eye candy.

One of my first journal entries after I stumbled upon the world of mixed media.

I am very excited to join this new year long class of theirs because of the out of the box creativity, techniques, the fresh energy, and the added focus... the business side of art. As this is what I would like to focus more on this year, this combination seemed like a perfect fit.

I have just signed on and so far, the amazing work I've seen in the room is very inspiring. Looking forward to what creative spark this class will impart upon me. Happy creating!

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