Happy Friday # 35 : Project Me... Happy New Year !!!

11:05:00 PM

Hello everyone and Happy Happy New Year!!! This year instead of the ubiquitous New Years resolutions list... that we tend to fail and then promptly beat our selves up about, I thought it would be better time spent investing in project me, in a different way.  In small steps that dig deeper so that I can find my authentic self.

My first deep dive is in the form of this book, The Lotus and the Lily . A fabulous writing coach, author, and artist named Cynthia Morris recommended this book a while back and although I am not a particularly religious person. On an intellectual level I feel spiritual teachings the author Janet Conner draws from, are valid and poignant thus far.

Hope you are welcoming 2015 with fresh eyes and a renewed sense of focus. Feel free to join me on this journey or comment if you've dived into this lovely book before. I would love to hear more about this from those who have and are experiencing it. I will be sure to share images of my notes and thoughts periodically here and on my instagram account so please find me there as well ^_^.

Looking forward for what 2015 has in store! Here is to your 'Project Me' !

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