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Oh lord... as if I didn't have enough journals... apparently I didn't and never will haha. That being said... introducing my new Giramondo. A Midori Traveler's Notebook style Gillio Firenze. So what's so special about this one? I'll explain further, but as an aside, part of why I got this was...I really wanted to know what all the hubb bubb was about with the whole Gillio thing...

So without further ado, I will start with the un-boxing experience. Inside the shipping box was a heavy gauged green box. Inside which were: The little insert gift for X-mas and for having to wait on back-order, wrapped in the colorful paper, and a soft pouch, the kind you get with luxury purses or wallets, inside which is the Giramondo.

They are known in the planner community, those who are avid users of Filofax, Franklin Covey, and ring bound planners in general, as a luxury brand. As the name suggests it is from Italy. So what have I noticed that makes it different and more luxurious than the Midori, other than the packaging?

First off they have several colors, but since I am a tan leather nut... had to go for the Epoch Gold. It is a little redder tan, but I don't mind it too much. Apologies, the lighting in the un-boxing makes it look more red than it is.

The edges are finished:

The inside has a more polished look to it:

with slots for cards and another notebook or paraphernalia, which may make it more appealing to use as a wallet as well:

The leather is longer in width than the Midori to accommodate more notebooks. Up to 6 Midori Notebooks without hitting the edge. Inside you can see the double band, unfortunately the knotted segment is on the top level so you cannot put two sets of notebooks on it. You will have to un-knot it and move the knot behind. I will explain more on a vlog post coming soon.

I am still moving into it as they say, but here is what I am planning to use it for. As a planner and a place to write. My Midori Traveler's Notebook will house my artistic endeavors for now... but we shall see how everything pans out as the year goes on ^_^.

Now thoughts on how the leather feels? Well for those of you who live in the U.S. if you go to Barnes and Noble and get the A5 leather cover that I have here... as you have seen on my Common Place Notebook... uhm... the leather feels the same with the caveat of the finished edges. The other kicker is, the particular one I got from Barnes is also similar in color, but please note, I did notice the colors of the leather vary greatly at Barnes depending on what batch they get.

I know, I know, you can do the research on leather grades etc., but its just not the same until you touch it... It would have been nice to know what the leather felt like before purchasing to be honest, but it is difficult to get a hold of here in the U.S. Any who it does make sense in a way because the leather journals from Barnes are made in Italy.

If you would like the feel of the Giramondo, but are on a budget. I would say purchase this journal, make a few holes along the spine, thread elastic through, and load up your notebooks inside for your Faux Midori or Giramondo. 

Now for the million dollar question... had I known how the leather felt would I still have purchased the Giramondo? Well... I think so. O.K. I know you note the hesitation here, but just by feeling I wouldn't have really thought about the detailing which is what really makes this the finished package.

The Giramondo is beautiful and nicely finished. I really look forward to carrying it around and seeing how it weathers. I've seen some pictures of those who've had their planners in the same leather and wow... it ages wonderfully. Sooo the answer weighing everything from feel to finish is... YES... I would have bought my Giramondo ^_*.

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