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Operation Hobonichi Swap Part II

2:09:00 PM

Operation Hobonichi swap with my daughter commenced on Sept. 29th and ended on Oct. 5th. This was a little experiment in which my daughter, who had the little A6 'original' and I, with the A5 'cousin' traded planners to see if I would like the smaller hobo for next year.

In terms of my daughter, she indicated she preferred the larger Hobo. However, her illustrations did not seem to change much in size. I'm not quite sure if it was because she was just used to drawing that small or if it is because she feels its the best way to fit all the things she did in a day. What ever it was, she seemed to love the A5 Hobo.

For me, I must say my observations from the first few days stand in terms of the way I normally worked in my Hobo. I felt it was too small for the usual way I like to illustrate my day with the larger tipped fountain pens, paint, and color. It seemed even though there were days were I had a few things to illustrate and had the space to do so, mentally I felt I had to miniaturize my drawings.

That was until I changed to a ball point pen (my new e + m). Once I made the switch,  I oddly felt more comfortable illustrating again. This could just be because I became used to the size, but I really enjoyed doing the little ballpoint pen illustrations in the smaller book. I also enjoyed doing the full face drawing in the smaller book as I mentioned in the previous post.

Conclusion? Hmm... well both my daughter and I both applied our usual methods of journaling in new sized Hobo. Where as it worked for my daughter since she just had more space to do what she normally did, it did not seem to work for me. In order to like my results, I had to adapt my style and tools to fit the smaller size.

So what will I get for myself for next year you ask? As of now... I'm actually leaning towards the A6 believe it or not, but you never know... nothing is finite until the confirmation button is hit ^_^.

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