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Hmm... can you guess what today's post is about? Haha... you got it, those Daniel Smith Watercolors! My paint box came in and I pretty much spent the weekend, setting things up and making test pages in both my Hobo and Moleskine while I waited for my Stillman & Birn to come in.

The colors are really luscious and popped out on the watercolor Molskine journal. They were pretty good in the Hobo as well, accept for very light colors. They tend to just fade into the sheet such as Titan Buff and Malachite, but that is too be expected, since the paper is very white in color.

I have to say... I'm loving the colors quite a lot. To be honest I wasn't sure if it would be that much of a difference than some of the other watercolors I was using, but from the richness of the pigments, to the variety of sophisticated colors, I am definitely on board. This is just a work in progress, I usually like to punch things up a bit and add color pencil and a bit of black pen, but now that I think about it... I may just leave it as is and keep the softness this medium allots for.

Oh and here is a close-up of the Iridescent Topaz on the Stillman & Birn journal. I'm not sure if you can see the almost gold like gleam to the paper here, but I must say I am amazed that an iridescent watercolor could have so much pigment in it.

In terms of the journal, I purchased the Zeta series and it does remind me of some of the mixed media journals that are out there. It's not bad, however if I have a lot of water on it,  it seems as though it wants to pill a bit. So I have to back off, wait for it to dry a little and then add more pigment. In other words... have patience ha.

I would definitely say the Daniel Smith watercolors are the way to go. If you are curious about this tasty paint, I would definitely recommend purchasing the dot cards from the Daniel Smith site. A great way to test out which colors are a must have for you!

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