Happy Friday #26 : NaNoWriMo

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Hi everyone! Don't know if you've heard the buzz around town or if you ever heard of the illustrious NaNoWriMo, but if you haven't had the pleasure this not so little acronym stands for National Novel Writing Month. Yes, you heard it one whole month to finish a novel. It begins on the first of November and ends at the end of November of course.

The idea is that you dedicate time to write really. The ideal scenario is of course that you actually write 50,000 words by the end of the month, but hey here is my take on it. I know it sounds over whelming and yes the coma inducing turkey holiday lands during crunch time, but if you look at it more as an inspirational or motivational tool, I think you lose nothing by at least trying.

Like minded people from around the globe write and you have lovely support in the form of forums, everything from genera, location, etc. to forums on specific items such as questions on plot, or if your stuck you can post a question for some help on ideas. I also, adore the motivational emails they send you, at times from famous authors cheering us on.

Many people do prepare before hand to have all their ducks in align, and you may want to as well. You still have a few weeks to do so, but it isn't completely necessary. It will make it easier of course to have at least and idea or a bit of a summary in your head on what it is you would like to write about no doubt, but I wouldn't want the lack of preparations to stop you from trying it out.

If your interested, some folks dedicate a whole notebook, like the Midori Traveler's Notebook insert, to the novel they are interested in writing, or a section of a notebook like I did here (the images peppered through out today's post). In it you can put, some notes on characters, pictures drawn or cut out from a magazine of the characters, etc., bits of research perhaps on setting, or any historical facts you may want to weave into your story. You could look at it as your research / mood board for your novel. It is great fun to do.

The site just went live for the 2014 session so if you are curious or want to join head on over there and take a gander and if your so inclined, would love some writing buddies. My name over yonder is JSLKIM.

Sooo... any who I know some of you might be wondering if I 've won yet? To be honest the answer is no, but hey... if you want a place for camaraderie, an extra kick in the butt, or a reason to put pen to paper. I would definitely recommend going for it ^_^!

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