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Happy Friday #28 : Happy Halloween!!!

12:47:00 AM

Happy Halloween everyone! It's definitely chilly here now and apparently rain is in the forecast for today! How strange that my Chicago weather has followed me here for this momentous occasion. The kids are a bit disgruntled by the prospect of not going trick or treating, but we shall see.

This here mama is a Chicago native! If I can wade through 4 ft. of snow, shovel a driveway the size of a basketball court, and have icicles form on the tips of my eye lashes while sweating profusely under layers of clothing... sure I can go brave the cold winds ripping at my hair and the cold sharp teeth of the rain as it bites down into my clothes. Not a big deal, none at all, uh..... Ok the truth? I'm a weakling... I'm old and I've been living in sunny Cali too long and that my friends is what I'll stand by come 5:30 pm and 2 sets of baby brown eyes stare at me pleadingly haha.

Any who here are a few pages from the trusty Hobo, Moleskine, and Stillman & Birn sketchbooks. I'm really having fun with my watercolors and enjoying in the pumpkin festivities this week as I ramp up for NaNoWriMo! One day left till we start whoo hoo! Hope you all have a wonderful spooktacular day!

Music of the Day:
M83 : Midnight City

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