Ripped Off

5:07:00 PM

Hmm... just had to share. So about 20 years ago my husband and I designed the blue notebook on the left and a smaller pocket version and sold it at Urban Outfitters. We originally had eyes by the mouth, but Urban Outfitters came back and asked us to blow out the eyes and make it to fit their fall season color palette. This was a time when there weren't any plastic being used on notebooks, or different colors for that matter.

Any who back in the day, we had to have every element made separately, delivered, and put things together by hand. I remember the process well as I had to put together notebooks in between studying for my finals haha. It was tough and when a larger toy company asked us for a whole line unfortunately we were not ready for the volume nor confident enough to continue.

A few years later, we found our exact design knocked off by PaperChase. 20 years later my daughter comes home with her writer's journal she got from her writing teacher. I started laughing when I saw the enclosure and when I opened it, it says... made in China.

Surprise, surprise... I mean they obviously did a more cost cutting version, but good grief. It reminded me of a few incidents in the past few years where some artists from this side of the continent were having their art lifted from companies from China, and made into home products like pillows and being sold in the Target in Australia. Luckily someone alerted the buying team in Target and they took it seriously which was nice.

Any who I know we've been long out of the notebook market, but I thought I'd share. I guess if I look at it in a positive light... its good enough design to last 2 decades? haha...

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