Happy Friday Post

Happy Friday Vlog #25 : Watercolor and Ink

12:00:00 AM

Hello everyone! My goodness... yes it looks like my water colors have arrived and also dare I say it? Inks... an unexpected happening I assure you, but alas I thought I'd share a little mini post of my most recent art supply haul ^_^.

Daniel Smith sample sheet of 238 colors,  from Daniel Smith Website for $21.95 no shipping cost. They also offer a 66 dot try card for about $5.00 as well if you would like to give it a try.

Daniel Smith half pan order from Katt's Korner on Etsy. She is an absolutely wonderful lady to work with. She gave me some great recommendations, worked with me, and also caught some overlapping colors (I bought a few sets) which she swapped out.

J. Herbin inks... trying out colored inks with a dip pen for now as I await for some ink converters for my calligraphy pens.  Yep... looks like I'm going down this unexpected rabbit hole ^_^. Yay to my gals over on the Face Book : Hobonichi Techo Eye Candy group for leading me astray haha.

The Stillman and Birn sketchbook it seems most water colorists recommend as well as Shandra from Katt's Korner. Mine is on it's way here. So excited to try my new paints out! Whoo Hoo!!!

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