Food Bento

12:00:00 AM

Ah yes... what is a bento without some food thrown in once in a while? I used to take more pics. back when I lived in London when I made snack bentos for the kids and lunch for the hubby, but I keep forgetting to take them haha.

That being said the game has been stepped up by the hubby. He has been making it a point to spend some time with the kids more when he gets home which is so nice. Usually cause of his schedule he tries to fit everything in on the weekend, but despite being exhausted, a couple nights a week he does some sort sport or workout activity with my son and with my daughter, they either draw or their new thing is to make bentos together!

It was getting a bit tight time wise for me to try to get everything done in the mornings so, my bentos usually consisted of omer rice, cute sandwiches, and little tid bits here and there like the cat sandwich above, but Eliot decided to go full on and do the character bentos. AMAZING...

Needless to say it is a hit with the kids at school, but here is a little funny to share. So when Miss A mentioned that her daddy made these and would also bake with her a lot one of the kids said, "Ohh soo cool. So does your food taste manly then?" Hahaha... here is to manly food!

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Feist : My Moon My Man

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  1. That is super cute. Can you hear me squeeing? I know a bit crazy, but I do love cute. What a good dad. Keep sharing. It makes me smile. :)

    1. @Crystal R. Martin, Haha... yes I love Kawaii cute as well. They just look too cute to eat :)