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Recovery with a New Pen

11:42:00 PM

Ah Halloween has passed, but not without a victim. Alas, I couldn't say no to my kiddos and I took them out on the faithful day. It rained on and off all day, but luckily it only drizzled a bit when we went out. In our town I was told there were a few streets that were blocked off and very family friendly.

Any who silly me, I assumed it would be about 30 mins. to an 1hr. at the most. I mean it was supposed to be one street yeah? Well 2.5 hrs. later we were home. I mean the experience was great, the street and the homes beautifully done. In fact they even offered treats to the parents, glasses of wine and such, but... the night just about knocked me out for the past few days.

That being said, yes I still managed to work on my NaNoWriMo here and there, but my art muse was in hiding with my blanket of fogginess and aches and pains for sure. That was until tonight. I received this beauty of a fountain pen in the mail today and was quite pleased at how fine the tip was and how smooth it was despite it.

The pen comes with a carbon ink cartridge so it is water proof to boot (you can buy packs of cartridges as well). I'm absolutely in love with it. You can find it on Amazon, Goulet Pens, and Jetpens, what ever your poison maybe. Just look up Carbon Ink Pen. I would definitely recommend it for your art instead of the Microns. Many of you  know how I love the fine points of my Hi Tech-C pens, but sad they weren't waterproof. I would say this will satiate my fine pen fix in the water proof realm.

So here is another installation of my writers in ink and watercolor in my Midori. It's amazing what a little pen can do for recovery... oh and that little piece of Nuubia ganache didn't hurt either ^_*.

Music of the Day:
Delerium ft Sarah Mclachlan : Silence

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  1. I LOVE this pen, I have one as my main pen and a backup in a package. Wait till you see how waterproof the ink is. It is listed on my website, as one of my favorite things.

    1. Nice~ yeah I love really fine writing thats why the Hi TechCs are my go to pen, but because they weren't waterproof I was a bit bummed. This pen is fab. My daughter loves it a bit too much so another one is on order haha.