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Lottery Hobonichi Unboxing!

10:41:00 PM

Despite the sadness that is the U.S. postal service since I moved. Yes, in the last 8 months I've had 5 lost international posts, countless pieces of other people's mail in my box, mine in theirs as I see it on my doorstep every so often, and the apparent inability to ring a door bell even after specific instructions to RING said door bell after a missed delivery notice... I finally got my package.

Any who...I love the Piece cover! I had actually gambled and entered the lottery for both the A5 and the A6 cover. Luckily I won at least the A6 so I'm super happy. The packaging was very maticulous to say the least. It arrived in a yellow bag (which I forgot to take a picture of), the second layer was in a green box, third layer a structural dark warm grey box, and finally this gauzy little pouch.

Its sooo soft and beautiful! I'm so happy with it! I do like to feel the material, but just in case it gets dirty I am going to put on the clear plastic sleeve I bought with my first order.

The flowers you see on both the front and back cover are actually embroidered. I adore how the pieces of patterned fabric are beautifully stitched together.

Inside there is a cute little embroidered butterfly on the leather pocket and although the book marks look orange here, they are actually coral in color.

Here is my set up for next year... the A6 Avec and a weeks insert. Looking so forward to using this beauty in a few months! Whoo Hoo!!! 

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