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Operation Hobonichi Swap

8:26:00 PM

Operation Hobonichi Swap commenced on Mon. Sept. 29th with my little Miss. I've been vacillating about what size I wanted to continue with for next year despite the fact I had purchased the A6 Avec to try for next year. Since my daughter informed me she will continue to work in her hobo next year I began thinking about my second order and thus my second guessing began.

I've been asking around about the pros and cons the size they were currently using etc. when Klair mentioned... hey why not swap with the little Miss and see if you like it. True I thought, you really don't know until you play around with it. So we swapped, much to Amelie's glee.

Now although I would definitely need the full week to make definitive observations about the sizes. I thought I would share what I've found after a few days. When I attempted my usual mini illustrations of food and general things that happened in my day, I did find it to be a tad small. It may be because I attempted illustrationing with a 1.0 pen. It was just too thick though, so I promptly went to my Hi-tech-C pens 0.5. In terms of creating portraits or a full spread, I did like this size quite a bit.

My daughter was fairly quick to say she like mommy's larger book much better and actually sighed in relief haha. This venture may have back fired on me ^_*. That being said, hmm... who knows. I may be like the other ladies out there who opted to go for both sizes for different reasons.

I will wrap up my thoughts on the subject by end of week for sure, but this is where I am at with it for now.

Music of the Day:
Kings of Convienence : I'd Rather Dance with You

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  1. great post and thank you for introducing me to awesome new (to me) music :)

    1. Thanks Sarah! I love interesting music from many different genres. I'm glad to hear you like at least some of them ^_*.