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As I mentioned in a previous postLynda Barry  is one of my all time fav. ladies in the creative world. With a few simple words or writing prompts, she can induce one of the most visceral pieces of writing you may have ever done and on the subject of art?  Whether you think you can or not... with a few pictures and youtube videos, she'll not only introduce you to something you probably never seen, much less thought to draw... and gets you to draw it. In fact she quite enjoys those who believe they are of the non-creative sort. She adores challenging their self perception and turning it on it's head.

Prof. Bootsy (her name for this semester) has been teaching in Wisconsin for the past few years that melds Art, Science, and English. Its absolutely intriguing and I have been following what I could for the past year on and off. The Unthinkable Mind course from last year sounded so fun, I was wishing I was back in the mid-west again. All though admittedly.... when the winter months rolled in, that thought was quickly squelched... but I digress. This year's course, Is Creative Concentration Contagious?, sounds equally as exciting.

Although I can not be there physically, hear her fab. lectures, nor be under her watchful eye (as she indicated with a simply cat eye animation), I have decided to try the assignments. Well... from what I can glean any who off her tumbler site : thenearsightedmonkey.

These past few weeks I have been trolling her tumbler site and taking random notes here and there on the topics she posted. Mostly in my Common Place Book and some in my Hobonichi. She suggests getting a simple composition notebook, but since my Common Place Book is so thick and fabulous... I decided this is where I will attempt all her assignments.

I'll be posting on instagram and/or tumbler and would love to see if anyone else is joining ^_^. So if your game... come join me in Prof. Bootsy's creative contagion!

Retro picture sketches... in all it's craptastic wonder.

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  1. I was completely unfamiliar with her, but I went to Youtube. Have you seen her TED Talk (The Answer is in the Picture)...I imagine you have. I'm going to check for more. She really is quite interesting. :)

    1. Yes... I've devoured her stuff a while back haha. She is a very inspirational lady ^_^.