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Stepping out of the Comfortzone

1:11:00 AM

An ongoing dialog I've always had with myself is, to step out of my comfort zone. Hermit by nature and a bit shy to boot... yes believe it or not I am, I am happy as peaches at home with my family, books, art supplies, and computer.

That being said, I'm actually feeling pretty good about the promise I made to myself this year... to come out of that safety bubble or at least get a limb out for a breather anyways. Venturing into Youtube land is one of those steps I took in order to shake things up. It is quite scary to put yourself out there I must say. Not only because it is my mug up there for all to see, but also because I am opening up the vulnerability of sharing my art.

Next I decided it would be good to take some classes outside the home. I always enjoyed learning new things, however, it was usually done with books or online classes. So... I felt it was time to go out there and experience people and not just a screen. I signed up for a French class and hopefully be able to take a painting class in the near future.

Today I decided to join my first art meetup, here in South Bay today. I have done a sketchcrawl once in San Diego and a couple of writing meetups when I first moved to the Bay area, but somehow life and more than not, my hermit ways, stopped me from continuing. It was a great experience to go out there, meet some people, and find out about a new place to boot.

Today's theme of the Doodle meetup was 'change'. I was inspired by this tree that happened to be right next to me, and broke out my hobo to draw it.

It is always easier to stay in that sweetly decked out comfort zone. I am the first one to admit that. However, as you can see, a few steps in the right direction is all it takes. One day you will turn back and notice, not only did you step out... you enriched your life.

Music of the Day:
Takagurio: Oranges & Lemons

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